Stellar Blade Skimpy Outfits

Stellar Blade Quietly Adds New Skimpy Outfits Following Censorship Controversy

Stellar Blade got a new update yesterday, but there was an addition that was barely mentioned in the patch notes. Developer SHIFT UP has quietly added two new skimpy Midsummer outfits to Stellar Blade, possibly in a bid to quell the player outrage following perceived censorship when the game launched on PS5 at the end of April.

How to unlock the new Stellar Blade Midsummer outfits

The new Midsummer Redhood and Midsummer Alice outfits can be bought and crafted from Roxanne at the R Shop. As noticed by Twitter user @DENGOJIN, the outfits seem to be inspired by the original Holiday Rabbit and Cybernetic Bondage outfits for Eve. These two outfits were modified in version 1.002 to show less skin when Eve was wearing them.

Many players had accused SHIFT UP of censorship following the decision to change the design of the Holiday Rabbit and Cybernetic Bondage suits. However, the developer’s CEO Hyung Tae-Kim insists the updated version of the two outfits were always intended to be their final version. The outfits to which players grew attached in the successful demo were going to be changed anyway.

In the same statement, Tae-Kim revealed the studio was having an internal discussion as to how to address the resulting controversy. The result of those discussions seems to be the introduction of the new Midsummer outfits with update 1.003. The outfits weren’t mentioned outright in the patch notes, simply being referred to as “a small gift for all of you” from Roxanne.

Update 1.003 also added three more outfits: two Kunoichi suits that can be found at Adam’s Safehouse and a Neurolink Suit. The latter can be obtained by beating all of the bosses in the brand-new Boss Challenge mode. As well as the new content, the update fixed bugs like unplayable sections and glitched trophies.