PlayStation Stars points can now be redeemed for Stellar Blade

PlayStation Stars Points Can Now Be Redeemed for Stellar Blade

Folks who’ve racked up enough PlayStation Stars points can now exchange those points for a digital copy of Stellar Blade. Sony’s loyalty program gets overlooked, but the company has quietly been improving its reward offers, having recently added Rise of the Ronin and Helldivers 2 to the list.

How to redeem PlayStation Stars points for Stellar Blade

As spotted by Reddit user kuro_snow, Stellar Blade can now be yours if you’ve collected 17,500 points. This is the same amount you need for Rise of the Ronin. Helldivers 2 is a tad cheaper, available for 10,000 points.

As explained previously, this isn’t a discount offer. Players who sign up for PS Stars — which is free — rack up points for various activities including making purchases from PS Store. Those points can then be redeemed for various rewards including PS Store credit. You get $20 PSN credit for 5,000 points, so quick math tells us that Stellar Blade still comes up to $70.

PlayStation Stars points simply come in handy for those who often buy their games digitally via the PS Store and have plenty of points racked up. It’s always useful to claim store credit to use on any game you want.