No GOW III at VGA 2009

December 8, 2009Written by Thomas Williams


Sony shocked the world at last years Spike TV’s Video Game Awards show when they revealed the first actual gameplay footage of God of War III to the Gaming World. It looks like the chances for a new trailer might not be as rosy for this year’s VGAs.

According to Bruno Velazquez, Animator for Santa Monica Studios and who is currently working on God of War III, it seems Sony won’t be showing off one of their BIGGEST titles for 2010 at the popular award show.

As you well know, GOW 3 has been nominated as the most anticipated game of 2010 at the Spike 2009 VGA show. I ask you guys to please vote for the game and send a loud message to or marketing department if you really want to see more stuff. I want to make it clear to you guys that as far as I know we are not going to be showing anything new at that show however. Let me make it clear that my word is not official and things can change at any moment but I don’t want you guys to get your hopes up too much.

All hope isn’t lost though, like Bruno said, his word isn’t official and things could change at the last minute. Let’s hope so! Sony needs to pimp God of War III as much as they can. No matter what though, come March 2010..there will ONLY be chaos exclusively on the PlayStation 3.