Dragon Quest Heroes 60fps on PS4, 30fps on PS3

February 10, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


Square Enix has updated the official Dragon Quest Heroes Japanese website and made note of some differences between each console’s version of the cross-generation (PS3 & PS4) action game. While no version will have content that the other doesn’t — in terms of characters, stages, and so on — there will be advantages to the PS4 version, most of which you could probably guess.

Lately, frame rate has been a hot topic, and Square Enix says that the PS3 version of Dragon Quest Heroes will run at 30 FPS, while the PS4 version will run at 60 FPS. In addition to characters just plain looking more detailed, the PS4 version will display more of them simultaneously than the PS3 version can. (This might mean to expect some pop-in on PS3 version? It could, but of course a developer wouldn’t come out and say that beforehand.)

The price of the PS3 version will retail for 7,344 yen, while the PS4 will sell for 8,424 yen, after taxes.

Dragon Quest Heroes comes out on Feb. 26, and we will have an import review shortly thereafter. If you’d like to import it yourself, doing so through this link helps us keep import reviews coming to you, because I am a hobo.