Holy S***, Dragon Quest Heroes Western Release Confirmed (No PS3 Version)

February 25, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


Okay, so ah, that happened a lot quicker than I thought it would. Actually, I never thought it would. Square Enix has confirmed Dragon Quest Heroes for release in North America and Europe, as the little slime above this paragraph will testify. The PS3 version will stay in Asia, with only the PS4 version coming abroad.

Taking to its European blog, the company said:

“That’s right! You read that correctly, the announcement is real – Dragon Quest Heroes will be coming out in Europe and North America in 2015, exclusively for PlayStation 4 and will be available as both boxed physical release and digital download via PlayStation Network. So if you were thinking about importing Dragon Quest Heroes because that would be the only way you’d get to play it, you no longer have to!

Dragon Quest Heroes marks the first time the series will be a full scale action-RPG and it’s a ton of fun!”

We’ve posted a lot about this lately.  Just look:

Soon, right on this website, you’ll see a quick impression followed by a review of the Japanese version, as the game comes out Feb. 26 in Japan.