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Sony Interactive Entertainment Announced, Merges Sony Computer Entertainment & Sony Network Entertainment

This will power the next 20 years of PlayStation innovation.


PS4 Sales Hit 35.9 Million Worldwide, 5.7 Million Were Sold Over the Holidays

35 million pieces of PS4 software were sold during the holidays.


PlayStation VR Processing Box About the Size of a Wii, According to Report

First focus for PlayStation VR is games; music and movies may follow.


PlayStation President Sees PS4 Outselling PS2 As “Almost More Important” Than Rivalry With Microsoft

House talks about increased developer confidence and PlayStation Now’s delayed success.


Black Friday 2015 Was “The Most Successful” in PlayStation’s History, Andrew House Reveals

They are trying to benchmark the PS4’s success against the PS2.


PS4 Sales Reach 30.2 Million Worldwide After Two Years

It’s still seeing the fastest growth in PlayStation console history.


SCEI President Says PS4 Isn’t Selling Well in China Due to a “Censorship Regime”

Explained that it wasn’t a great launch for the console.


PlayStation VR Will Be Priced as a New Gaming Platform, Says PlayStation President

Sony plans to release more than 10 VR titles in 2016.


Sony Clears Up PS Vita “Legacy Platform” Comment, Assures Portable Business Will Continue

House was talking about the write-off of the PS Vita 1000.


PlayStation Boss Says “First-Party Lineup is a Little Sparse” in 2015, Thinks E3 2015 Will Be An “Exciting Show” (Update)

Sony is looking to re-invest in the PlayStation Network to increase stability and reduce maintenance downtime.

ps4 China Xbox One

Andrew House: PS4 Delay in China Not Related to PSN Attacks

Nothing to do with Japan-China relations either.


Andrew House: Sony Will Deliver Additional Value to PS4 by Bringing Exciting Content & Enriching Its Services

The PS4 is available in 123 countries and regions so far.


Sony Says PS4 Sales Conditions in US Last Month Were “Tougher” Due to Xbox One Price Cut

December sales are so far in line with expectations.


PS4 and PS Vita Releasing in China on January 11, 2015

“PS4 is expanding at the fastest rate in PlayStation hardware history.”


Shuhei Yoshida: SEGA More a “War Buddy” Than a Rival During PSOne Era

Andrew House also commented on the PlayStation division’s two “pillars.”


Sony Internet TV Service Coming to the US This Year

Sony wants to expand streaming services.


Sony Attributes Some of the PS4 Success to Wii U Performance

The “more casual and family audience has gravitated towards our platform” in Europe.


PlayStation President Talks Reaching a Broader Audience With the PS4

He says the PS2’s biggest strength was sustaining interest among multiple audiences at the same time.


PlayStation President Struggles to See How the PS4’s First Eight Months Could Have Gone Any Better

House is proud of them being able to deliver a consistent message about the PS4.