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Sony Internet TV Service Coming to the US This Year

Sony wants to expand streaming services.


Sony Attributes Some of the PS4 Success to Wii U Performance

The “more casual and family audience has gravitated towards our platform” in Europe.


PlayStation President Talks Reaching a Broader Audience With the PS4

He says the PS2′s biggest strength was sustaining interest among multiple audiences at the same time.


PlayStation President Struggles to See How the PS4′s First Eight Months Could Have Gone Any Better

House is proud of them being able to deliver a consistent message about the PS4.


Sony Might Bring Our Favorite Characters Back, Including Spyro & Crash Bandicoot

Now where are the crystals?


Andrew House: Sony Viewed the Original PlayStation Negatively, Considered it a Toy

Grand Theft Auto helped to change the image.


Cerny & House Talk PS4 Future: “Nowhere Near 100% Utilization of What’s in There Right Now”

Negative PlayStation Now feedback, short Project Morpheus experiences, and being profitable already also discussed.


SCE President Thinks PS Vita is a AAA Machine in Japan, Unsure of Other Regions

“I think Remote Play is still in its nascent stages” in other regions.


Sony: PS4 is “Doing Okay” in Japan, Lack of Native Content Viewed as Temporary

The “comfort level around PS3″ is also partially to blame for the okay sales.


Sony Re-wrote Their E3 2013 Script Because of Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM, Used Game Policies

It was definitely the right move.


Sony Unveiled the PS4 Before the Xbox One to ‘Hopefully Take a Leadership Position’

Andrew House’s benchmark was what he’d be proudest holding up at E3.


Sony’s Mark Cerny & Andrew House Talk PS4, $1 Billion HDD & 8GB RAM Decisions, Unbundling the Camera

“In the early days, we were wondering do we need 2GB or 4GB?”


Andrew House: Project Morpheus is the “New Frontier” of Game Development, Developers Passionate About VR

Developers are supposedly very passionate about VR.


Andrew House Explains How He Chose the PS4′s Final Design

“I lost sleep over that decision.”


PlayStation’s Andrew House “Wouldn’t Write off the Possibility of Full Exclusives” by Third Parties

It’s your destiny to play the Destiny beta first on PlayStation.


SCE President Andrew House: “We are More Committed” to New IP Than Most Other Platform Holders

At the Sony Christmas party, he brings the House down!


House: PS Vita 2000 is “Selling Very Well” in Japan, Remote Play Resonates Most in Europe

I tried using Remote Play with my TV remote… it didn’t go well.


Andrew House: PS Vita TV Will Have a “Different Road to Market” in North America & Europe

Is it taking the scenic route or something?


PS4 has Sold Through 2.1 Million Units Worldwide as of December 1st, 2013

Gaikai to launch with “critically acclaimed” PS3 games next year in the US.