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doom eternal extra life

Here’s How DOOM Eternal’s Extra Life Power-Up Works

Here’s an extra line of defense against your jerk demon friends.

Evil within 2 sale

Bethesda Explains Why It Sent Legal Notice to Customer for Selling His ‘New’ Copy of The Evil Within 2

“We’re not trying to stop anybody from selling a used game.”

fallout 76 griefers

Griefing in Fallout 76 Will Turn You Into a Wanted Criminal With a Bounty on Your Head

The “assholes” will face serious in-game repercussions.

fallout 76 perks

Fallout 76’s Card-Based Perk System Explained

You can’t buy cards.

Evil within 2 sale

Bethesda Sent Legal Notice to a Customer Selling His Copy of The Evil Within 2 Online

We’re all Googling “First Sale Doctrine.”

doom eternal dlc

DOOM Eternal Will Have Single-Player DLC

It may be linked to the new Invasion feature.

rage 2 multiplayer

RAGE 2 Will Have a Social Component, Not ‘Typical’ Multiplayer

No word on microtransactions yet.

rage 2 extended gameplay

RAGE 2 Extended Gameplay Footage Presented at QuakeCon 2018

It’s the post-post-apocalypse!

bethesda ufc partnership fallout 76

Bethesda Teams Up with the UFC to Promote Fallout 76

Sure, why not?

quakecon charity

QuakeCon Charity Efforts Expanding, Eight Organizations Now Involved

DOOM and blood donations is a pretty good combination.

fallout 76 npc

Fallout 76 Won’t Have NPCs; Every Character Will Be an Online Player

Let’s start a dialogue.

elder scrolls vi setting

Elder Scrolls VI Setting May Have Been Uncovered by a Reddit User

Pack your shorts.

RAGE 2 leak

RAGE 2 Leak Actually Helped id Software Avoid Competing With Other Games During E3

Bethesda’s own Fallout 76 was a big one to avoid.

prey mooncrash update

Launch Skyrim into Space in the Prey: Mooncrash Full Moon Update

Skyrim is everywhere, including the moon.

elder scrolls 6

Todd Howard talks Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield Engine Changes

Keep scrollin’


Bethesda’s Todd Howard Wanted Fallout 76 Cross-Play, But Says It’s ‘Not Possible’

I’m A.N.N.O.Y.E.D.


Warner Bros. Responds to Bethesda Lawsuit

Warner Bros. has some words for Bethesda.

the elder scrolls 6 single player

Bethesda Says The Elder Scrolls VI is “Just Single-Player”

Don’t worry, Bethesda isn’t going all multiplayer and online.