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doom movie

A New Doom Movie is in Development, Reveals Actress Nina Bergman

No official announcement yet.

prey 2 gameplay

Gameplay Footage Emerges From the Canceled Prey 2

What almost happened.

Bethesda Game Studios Expands With a New Office in Austin, Texas

This is Bethesda’s third main studio.

Prey DLC Teased

The Prey Twitter Account is Being a Huge Tease

Moon DLC?

Bethesda Holding an E3 Showcase Again This Year, Invitations To Be Sent Later

We don’t currently know of any upcoming Bethesda titles.

Skyrim Vr Update 1.03 patch notes

Skyrim VR Update 1.03 Out Now, View the Patch Notes

It adds several new features!

wolfenstein 2 update 1.02

Wolfenstein 2 Update 1.07 Includes Freedom Chronicles Episode Two & Fixes

Infiltrate the film studios!

the evil within 2 xbox one x vs ps4 pro

Compare the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro Versions of The Evil Within 2

Which console reigns supreme?

Prey design

Learn About Prey’s Immersive Design Philosophy

An interesting look at one of 2017’s finest.

PS Store Sales Quake-Con

Bethesda Founder Hates Loot Boxes, Compares Games Industry to Jail

No more “jail” for Weaver.

Best Publisher of 2017 – Winner

Which publisher had the best year in 2017?

Best PlayStation VR Game of 2017 – Winner

It was PlayStation VR’s first full year of release.

Best Publisher of 2017 – Nominees

It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality and service.

the evil within 2 xbox one x vs ps4 pro

The Evil Within 2’s Free Trial Will Let You Try the Opening Chapters of the Game

Try out the first few chapters for free.

Bethesda Launches #SavePlayer1 Campaign to Highlight the Importance of Single-Player Titles

The campaign includes deep discounts on their single-player titles.

Great Bethesda Titles Added to PlayStation Now

Which will you play?

Skyrim Vr Update 1.03 patch notes

Skyrim VR Update 1.02 Adds a Smooth Rotation Option to the Move Controllers

Also adds crosshairs for spell casting.

Doom VFR Review – Going to Hell in a Headset (PSVR)

Come face-to-face with demons.

doom psvr release

DOOM VFR Launches Today, Watch a Trailer and Glean Some Tips

Get ready for a hellish time.

Fallout 4 update 1.19

Fallout 4 Update 1.19 Patch Notes Detail Changes and Bug Fixes

Are you still playing?