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Overwatch Update 2.08 on PS4 Fixes Music Bug, Reactivates Capture the Flag

It’s also out for Xbox One.


Overwatch Update 1.9 Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC Adds Orisa

New Orisa trailer released.


Orisa Comes to Overwatch on March 21, New Video Goes Behind-the-Scenes

Winston is the least picked hero in Overwatch.


Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Comic, Starring Torbjorn and Bastion

Beep boop!


Overwatch Bastion Nerf Already Announced Soon After His Latest Update

Nerf city.


The 24th Overwatch Hero is Orisa, Watch Her Origin Story

Watch Orisa’s origin story trailer.


Latest Overwatch Update Brought the Game Browser, Capture the Flag Mode

Season 4 of Competitive Play has begun.


Blizzard Continues to Tease New Overwatch Character

Such a tease!

overwatch efi

Efi Oladele Isn’t Overwatch’s Next Hero

However, she’ll play a part in the story of the character.


24th Overwatch Hero “Is Not Who You Think It Is,” Says Game Director

“We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now.”


Overwatch Adds Server Browser, Mutators in Next Patch

Players will be able to change the game to their liking.


Overwatch Hero Bastion is Finally in Line for a Minor Overhaul

Adjustments may be rolled out via PTR soon.


Randy Pitchford Talks Battleborn’s Perceived Failure Against Overwatch & Borderlands’ Success

3.5 million players compared to 25 million.


Overwatch Crosses 25 Million Players

Five million added since October.


Upcoming Overwatch Patch Will Fix Mei’s Waist Bug, Blizzard Confirms

They’re also investigating reports of D.Va falling through the map on Ecopoint: Antarctica.


New Overwatch Update Today Activates the Year of the Rooster Event

Reporting is coming to PS4 and Xbox One.


Overwatch’s New Legendary Skins From Chinese New Year Event Have Apparently Leaked

Gong Xi Fa Cai 🙂


Blizzard: Overwatch Year of the Rooster Begins on January 24

Good luck and great fortune await!


Diablo 3 & Mafia III PS4 Pro Support Detailed in Analysis

Mafia III’s PS4 Pro support apparently arrived last month, despite no formal announcement.

Overwatch Mei 555x328

Blizzard Warns Players Against Using Overwatch’s Mei Wall Exploit, Explains the Delay in Fixing It

Blizzard will take “aggressive action” against cheaters.