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PSA: Earn Lunar New Year Skins in the Overwatch Free Weekend, Starting Today

For the next four days, play Overwatch without buying the game.

overwatch update 2.33 patch notes

Overwatch Update 2.33 Out Now, View the Patch Notes

LĂșcio sees changes.

You Can Play Overwatch Free This Weekend, Earn Year of the Dog Event Skins

All progress carries over to the purchased game.

overwatch sombra

Overwatch’s Sombra Will Undergo Changes in PTR Soon

The changes were accidentally deployed in a recent patch.

overwatch update 2.33 patch notes

Overwatch Update 2.31 Out Now, Here’s What it Fixes

It fixes a nasty bug.

overwatch update 2.33 patch notes

Overwatch Update 2.30 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

Mercy and Junkrat changes plus more!

overwatch cosmetics

Blizzard Says Overwatch’s Loot Box Odds Didn’t Change With the Addition of New Cosmetics

The new cosmetics aren’t event items, Blizzard reminds fans.

overwatch reporting system

Blizzard Now Identifying Toxic Overwatch Players on Social Media Sites, Says Toxicity Has Declined

Reporting system has improved things, it seems.

overwatch update 2.30 patch notes

Overwatch Update 2.29 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

New map!

overwatch cosmetics

Blizzard Offering Previews of Upcoming Overwatch Cosmetics

Check out Pharah’s legendary skin.

Overwatch Blizzard World Map to Launch on January 23

Enjoy your day at the theme park.

overwatch update 2.33 patch notes

Read the Overwatch Update 2.28 Patch Notes

Are you happy with the changes?

Jeff Kaplan Confirms There’s a New Hero Coming to Overwatch, Teases Future Events

He hints at big evolutions for returning events.

New Overwatch Comic Short Illustrates Mei’s Yeti Hunt

Like a Saturday morning Road Runner cartoon.

Blizzard Updating the Casual Hanzo Legendary Skin in Overwatch After Fan Disappointment

Some small changes that should make the fans happy.

PSA: Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Starts Today, New Game Mode and New Legendary Skins

Hanzo gets a “long-awaited” legendary skin.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Returns December 12, New Legendary Skins, New Game Mode

Mei is going to be hunting some Yetis.

overwatch player base

Overwatch League Preseason Play Kicks Off Tomorrow

Support your team with new merch!

overwatch doomfist

Overwatch’s Doomfist Issues Being Fixed, Here’s What You Can Expect

Wall slamming and rocket punch issues addressed.