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overwatch update

Overwatch Free Weekend Kicks Off on August 23, Details Inside

Try out the newest hero, Wrecking Ball!

blizzard gamescom 2018

Blizzard Announces gamescom 2018 Presentation, Teases New Overwatch Content

All the usual suspects are here.

wrecking ball overwatch meta

Why Wrecking Ball Is What the Competitive Overwatch Meta Needs Right Now

Small in stature, big in changes.

Overwatch Summer Skins

Overwatch Unveils More Summer Games Skins

Copa, Copacabana / Her name was Ana.

Overwatch summer games event 2018 Lucia Ball New skins

Overwatch Summer Event Returns Next Week, Featuring the Lucio Ball Game Mode

Let’s make some noise!

Overwatch Figurines

Nendoroid Soldier 76 Is Unspeakably Adorable and Up for Preorder Now

I’ve got this in my sights.

overwatch sdcc 2018

Blizzard Announces Wrecking Ball Overwatch SDCC 2018 Panel

Roll with it.

overwatch loot boxes

5 Ways Overwatch Loot Boxes Need to Change to Stay Relevant

It’s hard to look at Overwatch’s loot boxes favorably in today’s gaming industry.

overwatch barcodes

Mysterious Overwatch Barcodes Are Bringing Out The Conspiracy Theorists

What is Blizzard telling us?

new overwatch hero

Blizzard Details Wrecking Ball, the New Overwatch Hero

Don’t anger the hamster.

new overwatch hero

Blizzard Unveils the Latest Overwatch Hero, a Weaponized Hamster

Cute, but deadly.

Overwatch update

New Overwatch Endorsement System Reinforces Player Positivity

Positive reinforcement patch!

new overwatch hero

Blizzard Continues to Tease the Possibility of a New Hero to Overwatch

Could it be Hammond?

new overwatch hero

Overwatch Twitter Account Teases Possible New Hero

What could it be?

Overwatch Social Features coming

Blizzard Adding New Overwatch Social Features to Please Fans

The community wants more social features. Here they come.

overwatch fan art

Amazing Overwatch Fan Art Designs Heroes with Physical Impairments

Overwatch would be even more awesome if these fan art concepts were real.

Overwatch lego legos

Licensing Never Dies, Blizzard Reveals Overwatch LEGO Sets Are Coming

Multiple sets with varied pricing.

Overwatch Anniversary Event

PSA: Second Overwatch Anniversary Event is Now Live, New Skins and Returning Brawls

Earn items from previous seasonal events.

Pink Mercy skin sales

Overwatch Raised Nearly $10 Million for Breast Cancer Research

Even competitive gamers know how to show mercy.

overwatch free weekend

Free Overwatch Weekend Taking Place Later This Month

All heroes and maps available!