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Dragon Quest Monsters featured

Dragon Quest Monsters: How the World of Dragon Quest XI is More Alive than Ever

From slimes to actual dragons, there’s a lot of history, craft, and ambition to these creepy-crawlies.

dragon quest 11 tips

10 Dragon Quest XI Tips for Aspiring Adventurers

Don’t forget to flip the cover art if you get a physical copy.

Dragon Quest 11 info

Dragon Quest XI – Everything You Need to Know

Echoes of an Elusive Age.

dragon quest builders 2 release date

Koei Tecmo Is Helping With Dragon Quest Builders 2

It might actually be fun to fight this time!

dragon quest 11 review

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Review – Oh, the Goomanity (PS4)

Cruelcumber is still the best pun in all of video games.

dragon quest builders 2 event

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hype Train Is Now Boarding

Dragon Quest hype builders is more like it.

dragon quest xi costume

Dragon Quest VIII-Flavored Bonus Revealed for Dragon Quest XI

A nice little shout out to the PS2 era.

dragon quest 11 switch

Dragon Quest XI Switch Version to Have Exclusive Content?

Will this be cause to double-dip?

E3 2018: Dragon Quest XI Hands-On Preview – Return to Simpler Times

Time to kill some slimes.

dragon quest builders 2 save import

Loyal Dragon Quest Builders Fans Get Bonus Content from Save Imports to DQB2

More Dragon Quest Builders 2 rewards for loyal fans!

Dragon Quest XI Preorder dlc

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age PS4 Preorder Bonuses Announced

A selection of digital and physical goodies await.

dragon quest director

Dragon Quest Director, Jin Fujisawa, Leaving Square Enix After 18 Years

He’s been working on DQ since the late 90s.

Square Enix Series We’d Love to Get the Secret of Mana Remake Treatment

Square Enix has such a rich history.

Dragon Quest I, II, and III Coming to PS4 Later This Month

The original trilogy is coming to PS4 and 3DS.

Dragon Quest XI Digital Sales and Shipments Surpass 3 Million in Japan

…and it has yet to come West!

Dragon Quest XI PS4

Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for PS4 By PlayStation Europe

There’s quite a lot of text for Square Enix to localize into five languages.

Watch Dragon Quest XI Being Played on Vita (Remote Play)

The magic of remote play!

Dragon Quest XI Staff Discuss Using Unreal Engine

They also discussed not wanting to create “useless characters.”

Dragon Quest XI Western Release Confirmed by Dutch PR Company

And that’s about all we know right now.

Dragon Quest XI Goes Gold, New Gameplay Released

Now, to start hoping for a Western release.