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hitman e3 2015

Hitman’s Additional Content Will be Released for Free, Says IO Interactive

It’s not an early access game.


E3 2015 – Hitman Gets a Killer Gameplay Trailer

Get it this December.


Info on Hitman for Current-Gen Systems “Coming This Year”

Hopefully a release date will be announced!

hitman film

Hitman Film Reportedly Delayed to August 2015

Agent 47’s return delayed by six months.


Hitman: Absolution Review (PS3)

Dual Siverballers…check. Fiber wire….check. Badass suit….check. Yep, it’s a Hitman game.


Hitman: Absolution Lauch Trailer is Drop Dead Stunning

Kill, kill, kill.


Get the Lowdown on Agent 47’s Background in New Hitman: Absolution Trailer

A lot of death is involved.


Get a Look at the Ultimate Assassin in New Hitman: Absolution Trailer

Agent 47 is a force to be reckoned with.


Hitman HD Collection Trophies Appear Online, Indicate Imminent Release

Please Square, just announce it already!


IO Interactive Talks Storytelling in Hitman: Absolution via New Trailer

Agent 47 like you’ve never seen him before.


Hitman: Absolution Trailer Details Agent 47’s “Tools of the Trade”

Killing in style.


Hitman: Absolution’s “Twisted World” Allows for Incorporation of “Dark Humor”

But have they taken it too far?

Hitman Absolution nuns

Negative Reaction to Hitman Absolution’s Nun Trailer Prompts Level Tweaks

Developer has given nuns “some context and some backstory.”


Agent 47 Chambers a Round With 16 Minute Hitman Video

IO Interactive is hard at work on Agent 47’s next game, entitledRead the full article…


Square Enix Sneaks in Hitman: Absolution Trailer

Square Enix has gone live with the debut gameplay trailer for Hitman:Read the full article…


IO Interactive is Definitely Interested in Freedom Fighters Sequel

Hitman developer IO Interactive may be hard at work on the upcomingRead the full article…

New Hitman Details Step Out of the Shadows

Hitman: Absolution is getting ready to break the five year absence the franchise has gone through, and a slew of new details indicate that the wait will be worthwhile.

Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Leaked

Hitman: Absolution will be run on IO Interactive’s proprietary Glacier 2 engineRead the full article…