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God of war secret ending god of war true ending

God of War’s True Ending Can Be Easily Missed, Here’s How to Make Sure You See it (Spoiler Free)

It’s a very important scene to add context and further the mystery.

God of war gates mash circle

Cory Barlog May Have Taken it Away, But I Still Mash Circle When Opening Gates in God of War

It’s the one evolution my mind cannot accept.

God of war Cory Barlog Review Reaction

God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets Emotional Reading Reviews, Reminding Us That it’s People that Make Games

A moment five years in the making.

God of War

Kratos, Atreus, and Everything You Need to Know About God of War

All the information you should need.

God of war soundtrack

Full God of War Soundtrack Now Available on Spotify, Bear McCreary Details the Creative Process

The score is a reinvention the ventures into new territory.

god of war norse

Tracing God of War’s Journey From Greek to Norse Mythology

Midgard, a realm beyond your own.

What Kratos needs

What Kratos Needs to Become Nathan Drake

As Kratos enters a different chapter of his tormented life, can he develop into a more rounded figure and possibly even take a leaf out of Nathan Drake’s book?

God of war atreus

God of War Almost Had Atreus, Kratos’s Son, Cut Early in Development

Sony was apparently worried about the cost of developing his part in the game.

god of war collectors edition

Listen to God of War’s Full Soundtrack and Watch Kratos Unbox the Collector’s Edition

Learn how Bear McCreary composed the game’s music.

god of war ps4 pro

God of War Will Have a Performance Mode on PS4 Pro

Those who don’t have 4K TVs can enjoy the mode.

god of war ps4

‘I’m Behind Schedule Every Single Day,’ God of War Director Talks Development

“I am at my most exhausted right now, but also like weirdly energized.”

God of War Difficulty

God of War’s Hardest Difficulty is a ‘Hugely Different’ Experience

It makes changes to enemy attack patterns.

god of war ps4 sequels

Future God of War Games Will Remain in Norse Universe

Atreus will not just be a one and done character.

God of War Combat

God of War Combat Team Talk Versatile Encounters & Throwable Axe

We talked to three members of the combat team.

God of War Combat

Cory Barlog Interview: God of War Director Talks Character Development, Combat, and Norse Mythology

“[Players will still] feel the soul, the DNA of God of War.”

God of War PS4 Preview

God of War Preview – Better Than Ever (PS4)

Change isn’t a bad thing.

god of war commercial

Exciting New God of War Commercial Stars Atreus

New footage!

god of war microtransactions

God of War Director Announces There Are No Microtransactions Amidst Fan Concern

Fan speculation was wrong.

Cory Barlog Discusses Themes and Story of Upcoming God of War

Themes, stories, and more.