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Wild Arms 3 Is the Next PS2 Game on PS4, Kinetica PS4 Trophy List Appears

Kinetica doesn’t have a release date yet.


Sony Santa Monica Creatives Video Series Draws to an End, Shannon Studstill Talks Teamwork

“Teamwork is everything.”


Report: God of War 4 Screenshots and Details Leak Out, Set in Norse Mythology

Tons of screenshots ready for your consumption!

Best God of War game

Sony Santa Monica Video Series Continues By Connecting the Craft

Introducing SSM’s “Technical Mediator.”

Best God of War game

God of War 4: How the Franchise Could Tackle Other Mythologies

There are other gods to kill!

The Best God of War Game From Hero to Zero Which Game Is the Best

Ranking the Best and Worst of the God of War Series

What’s your favorite?


Sony Santa Monica Launches “Creatives” Video Series, Watch the First Two Episodes Now

Watch God of War’s Poseidon sculpted!


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – February 9 – February 16, 2016

Watching fires and dogs, but not at the same time.

60 Seconds

Firewatch Story Preview in 60 Seconds

Grab your hiking boots!


Hideo Kojima’s Sony Road Trip Takes Dev to Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and Sony Santa Monica

Sony’s unofficial road trip movie continues!


Sony Santa Monica’s New Year’s Message Thanks External Development Team and Creative Partners

Over 45 titles in 15 years.

Fat Princess Adventures

Fat Princess Adventures Review – What Diet? (PS4)

Have your cake and eat it.


Sony’s Scott Rohde Teases Status of Santa Monica, Sucker Punch’s Unannounced PS4 Games

Too soon to delve into details.


PSX 2015: Bound Preview – Elegance and Grace

Fight back the chaos with artistic flow.


Sony First-Party Studios – Where Art Thou?

Bend and Santa Monica continue to elude the limelight during PSX 2015.

Modern Zombie Taxi

PSX 2015: Sony Santa Monica Bringing Modern Zombie Taxi Co. to PlayStation VR

Scary, yet cute!


Sony Santa Monica and Plastic Studios Announce Bound for PS4

It’s the game teased earlier this week.


Sony Santa Monica Teasing Something on Various Sites Using #TakeAStep

Are they teasing a new game?


You Need to Check Out This Limited Edition God of War Kratos Statue

Only 500 of these bad boys will be in existence!


Journey Collector’s Edition Now out on PS4 in North America & Europe

Europe also gets a retail version.