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Capcom Revises Development Focus, Targeting “Completeness” Over Meeting Deadlines

Disappointing Street Fighter V sales led to internal changes.


Capcom Financials: Street Fighter V Sold 1.4 Million, “Full-Scale Offensive” Planned for Later This Year

1.4 million is below Capcom’s initial target.


Street Fighter V Flash Sale Live Now on PSN

25 percent off!


Street Fighter V April Update Out Today, Servers Offline for 10 Hours of Maintenance

April Update includes many character fixes.


Guile Available in Street Fighter V Tomorrow, April 28

Watch him fight in full matches.

tekken x street fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter Not in Active Development

Fracturing the fighting game community is one of the reasons…


See Guile in Action With This New Street Fighter V Trailer

He fights on the new Air Force Base stage.


Street Fighter V Rage Quitting Punishment Is Temporary Matchmaking Bans

It’ll be implemented with the April update later this month.


Guile Is the April 2016 Street Fighter V DLC Character

Air Force Base is the first DLC stage.


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for Five Hours of Maintenance Today, April 12

Dhalsim and FANG get Character Guides.


Street Fighter V Producer: “We Underestimated the Popularity of Some of the Single-Player Features”

He knows it probably would’ve been better received with more features at launch.


Street Fighter V Character Intro Clip Shows Alex in Action

Here’s why you should try Alex.


Street Fighter V Alex Trailer and Details Revealed

“Free trial period” for Alex.


Street Fighter V Update 1.02 Goes Live Today, Servers Offline for Seven Hours Beginning at 10am PT

Alex arrives on Wednesday.


Street Fighter V Zangief and Laura Character Guides Released

Kick, punch, throw.


Street Fighter V March Update Out on Monday, Alex Arrives on March 30

Good news: Everyone can access Alex for free until the Zenny shop launches.


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for 7 Hours Today Due to Maintenance

Starts at 10am PT.


Official Street Fighter V Rashid Guide Jumps Out

Catch some air!

header ps4 fighting games

PS4 Fighting Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

It’s not just Street Fighter anymore!


Street Fighter V Karin Character Guide Kicks Out

Velvet kicks!