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Street Fighter V June Update out on July 1, Includes Balrog & Ibuki

Balrog’s reveal trailer teases Juri and Urien.


Street Fighter V June Update Next Week Includes Many Matchmaking Improvements

Expect things to be quicker and more balanced.


Opening 10 Minutes of Street Fighter V Story Mode Emerges Online (Spoiler Warning)

Capcom says all cutscenes rendered in real-time.


Street Fighter V June Update Will Include the 4-Hour Story Expansion, Micro-Transactions

The Zenny Store is no more.


Capcom and Evo Pull Player From 2016 Tour Following Sexual Harassment

“Harassment will continue to have a zero tolerance policy at Combo Breaker events.”


Capcom Warns of Further Street Fighter V DLC Delays, Apologizes for Lack of Ibuki Communication

They’re “aiming” to have Ibuki and the Cinematic Story Mode this month.


Ibuki Isn’t Coming to Street Fighter V Until the End of June Due to “Unforeseen Delays”

“She will be released alongside Story Mode at the end of June.”


Street Fighter V’s Ibuki Detailed, Capcom Says June Is Going to Be A “Huge Month”

Capcom didn’t give a release date for Ibuki.


Ibuki Ninjas Her Way Into Street Fighter V; See Her Trailer

Buy with fight money? Or insert coin?


Capcom Revises Development Focus, Targeting “Completeness” Over Meeting Deadlines

Disappointing Street Fighter V sales led to internal changes.


Capcom Financials: Street Fighter V Sold 1.4 Million, “Full-Scale Offensive” Planned for Later This Year

1.4 million is below Capcom’s initial target.


Street Fighter V Flash Sale Live Now on PSN

25 percent off!


Street Fighter V April Update Out Today, Servers Offline for 10 Hours of Maintenance

April Update includes many character fixes.


Guile Available in Street Fighter V Tomorrow, April 28

Watch him fight in full matches.

tekken x street fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter Not in Active Development

Fracturing the fighting game community is one of the reasons…


See Guile in Action With This New Street Fighter V Trailer

He fights on the new Air Force Base stage.


Street Fighter V Rage Quitting Punishment Is Temporary Matchmaking Bans

It’ll be implemented with the April update later this month.


Guile Is the April 2016 Street Fighter V DLC Character

Air Force Base is the first DLC stage.


Street Fighter V Servers Offline for Five Hours of Maintenance Today, April 12

Dhalsim and FANG get Character Guides.


Street Fighter V Producer: “We Underestimated the Popularity of Some of the Single-Player Features”

He knows it probably would’ve been better received with more features at launch.