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The Elder Scrolls Online PS4, Xbox One Versions Officially Delayed to 2015

They won’t just be ports of the PC/Mac game.


The Elder Scrolls Online Developer Suffers Layoffs, Bethesda Continues to “Invest Heavily” in Preparing Console Launch

Bethesda remains “strongly committed” to TESO.


Bethesda on The Elder Scrolls Online: ‘We’re Not Happy About the Delay’

Getting the game to integrate with the PSN and Xbox Live has been a challenge.


Bethesda “Working Round the Clock” to Release The Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 in 2014

Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen though.


The Elder Scrolls Online Delayed for “About Six Months” on PS4/Xbox One

Bethesda is offering a very good upgrade if you own the PC version.

PS4 and Controller

Every PS4 Game With a 2014 Release Date Revealed

DriveClub, The Order: 1886, The Crew, The Division, NBA 2K15, WWE 2K15, and lots more listed.


Ask PSLS: What Would be Your Desert Island Game?

I can’t tell, but I think MMOs are the clear winner…


The Elder Scrolls Online Mature Rating Explained by the ESRB

Seems like it deserves an M…


The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Detailed, Game’s Pre-order Bonus is The Explorer’s Pack

New cinematic trailer also unleashed.


The Elder Scrolls Online Doesn’t Require a PS+ Membership on PS4

North America and Europe will have different servers on PS4.


The Elder Scrolls Online Voice Cast Includes John Cleese, Jennifer Hale, Kate Beckinsale, and Many More

Very long video shows the actors talking about their characters.


ESRB Rates The Elder Scrolls Online Mature, Bethesda Disagrees

But they won’t challenge it.


The Elder Scrolls Online PS4 & Xbox One Release Date is June 2014, Two Months After PC & Mac

See the War in Cyrodiil.

killzoneshadowfallfacelessman Opens up: US & Canadian Residents can Enter to Win PlayStation Memoribilia From ‘Perfect Day’

It gives everyone a fair chance to win!


Adam Boyes: The Elder Scrolls Online “Was Never Planned to Come to Consoles”, Sony Convinced Bethesda to do it

Adam Boyes says “like” more times than a teenage girl.


Daily Reaction: Can The Elder Scrolls Online Survive With a Paid Subscription?

Brought to you by the ‘Horse Armor’ people.


The Elder Scrolls Online Will Have a Monthly Subscription Fee of $14.99/€12.99/£8.99

Expect discounts when you purchase multiple months.


Titanfall Dominates the Game Critics Awards Best of E3 2013, Transistor Takes Home Best Downloadable Game

Titans never fall. But Shadows do.