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First Free Titanfall 2 Map Arrives on December 2

Cosmetic DLC is coming at a later date, but it won’t be loot box based.


Respawn: Titanfall 2 Release Date Was “Locked a Long Time Ago,” “No Changing It”

Not “worried” about the release date at all,

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Respawn Lists Titanfall 2 Tips to Help You Start Out

Some are really useful, really.


Titanfall 2 Trophies Listed, Won’t Be That Hard to Platinum

Get that platinum!

Titanfall 2 Launch Trailer Wants You and a Titan to Become One


Titanfall 2 PS4 Pro Support Is On-Disc, Won’t Run in Native 4K

You’ll find more stable frame-rates and an increased resolution though.

Titanfall 2 – Everything You Need to Know

Your Titan awaits, soldier.


Titanfall 2 Review – Titanic Mayhem (PS4)

Titanfall 2 lands with a huge bang!

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Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks – How to Improve Your Game

Prepare for the game before release!

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Titanfall 2 Best Weapon Guide – We Show You Which Gun

We show you how effective it is.


Titanfall 2 Best Titan Guide

Watch and learn.


Titanfall 2 – Complete List of Guns, Classes, Equipment, Grenades & Kits

Here’s what you’ll be using for death and domination come launch!

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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Preview – Fast Fighting Machines

There’s really nothing else quite like it.


Respawn: Titanfall Universe “Very Expandable,” Talks About Star Wars Game Pitch to EA

Don’t expect Titanfall 1 on PS4…ever!

Titanfall 2 Trailer Introduces the Protagonists, Jack & BT

A Titan and his friend.


Titanfall 2’s Latest Trailer Focuses on the Relationship Between the Protagonist and Titan “BT”

Explore the bond between them.


Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Us Respawn’s Vision for Single-Player, Comments on Competition

“I’m confident that EA, as our publisher, is going to find a way to clear the halls for Titanfall 2.”


Here’s the New Titanfall 2 Campaign Gameplay and Dishonored 2 Low Chaos Playthrough

Respawn: “Respawn has innovated the stale FPS genre once again.”