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Titanfall 2’s New Server System Offers Minimal Latency, Protection From Interruptions

Respawn partners with Multiplay to ensure the best Titanfall 2 experience.

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Titanfall 2 Video Series Kicks Off, Respawn Hints at New Server & Matchmaking Changes

Lots of changes incoming.

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Titanfall 2 Single-Player “Isn’t Your Average Linear” FPS Campaign, Says Respawn

Players will find themselves in a broad environment.

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Respawn Wants Titanfall 2 to “Appeal to as Many People as Possible”

They’re “pouring everything” into this.

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Titanfall 2 Release Date and Gameplay Info Leaked, Watch Gameplay Now

Six titans, single-player campaign confirmed and more!


Titanfall 2 E3 Teaser Deploys, Sequel Reportedly Features Two Collectors Editions

Uber Edition and Standard CE, apparently.

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Report: Titanfall 2 Release Set for October, Will Feature Larger Maps and Grappling Hooks

Alleged pre-order bonus revealed, too.


Titanfall 2 Releasing in Holiday 2016, EA Isn’t Worried About Battlefield 1 Cannibalization

Titanfall 2 has “evolved substantially from the first Titanfall.”

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Titanfall 2 to Include “Top Secret” Pilot Ability & New “Network Optimizations”

Former developer reveals new features.


Titanfall 2 Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC, Gameplay Reveal Happening on June 12

Watch the teaser trailer.


Titanfall 2 Dev Team Bigger Than in the Original by Almost 30 Percent

Understandable why.


Why We’re Excited for Titanfall 2

An official reveal appears to be imminent.


Titanfall Story Recap in 60 Seconds

Standby for Titanfall 2.


EA CFO: Mass Effect: Andromeda Release Delayed to Q1 2017, Titanfall 2 out This Year

Battlefield 5 re-confirmed for this holiday season.


Titanfall 2 PS4, Xbox One & PC Pre-Order Listings Suggest an Unveiling Is Coming Soon

GameStop puts up pre-order boxes.


Titanfall 2 Releasing in Winter 2016, According to McFarlane Toys

EA says they haven’t announced a release date yet.


Titanfall 2 Will Include a Dedicated Single-Player Campaign, Says Lead Writer

TV spin-off in the works as well, apparently.