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Titanfall 2 Will Include a Dedicated Single-Player Campaign, Says Lead Writer

TV spin-off in the works as well, apparently.


New Battlefield Releasing “In Time for the Holidays,” Mass Effect: Andromeda & Next Titanfall out This Fiscal Year

Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game could be a few years away.


Titanfall 2 Reveal “Will Be Worth the Wait,” Promises Respawn Co-Founder

Titanfall is expanding to mobile devices.


Respawn Won’t Be Showing “Anything” at E3 2015

No Titanfall announcement for you!


Titanfall 2 Release Window Discussed by EA, Don’t Expect It in 2015

It’s likely to release more than two years after Titanfall.


Titanfall 2 Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Prepare for Titanfall.


EA: Titanfall 2 Will “Probably” Have a Bigger Footprint Than Just One Platform

EA says 30 million combined PS4s and Xbox Ones have been sold.


Respawn Reiterates Titanfall Sequel Could Come to PlayStation, Says 2015 Will be “A Little Quiet”

“I’ve already said future projects will not necessarily be exclusive.”


Sledgehammer Games “Not Worried” About Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Titanfall “Ripoff” Claims

Advanced Warfare will “speak for itself,” claims Sledgehammer.


Japanese Sales Chart: Xbox One Launches to Less Than Half of What the Xbox 360 Did

It was the #1 selling system for the week though…

PS4 and Controller

April 2014 NPD: PS4 Defeats Xbox One Yet Again, is #1 Overall

The Xbox One only moved 115,000 units.


Sony Offered to Help Respawn Bring an Early Titanfall Version to PS Vita

That early Titanfall version used Insomniac’s Luna engine.

Infamous second son review 4

Titanfall was the UK’s #1 Selling Game in March 2014, inFamous: Second Son 4th

Thief stole second.

WIR EA Star Wars

Week In Review: 3/28/14 – EA Loses its Crown, inFamous Takes down Titanfall and More Layoffs

Now with 100% more sad panda.

Infamous second son review 1

UK Report: PS4 Sales Rose 106% During inFamous: Second Son Launch Week

But Titanfall’s week 1 sales were still better than inFamous’ week 1 sales.


Report: Titanfall 2 Won’t be Exclusive to Xbox/PC

Will we see Titanfall 2 on PS3 and/or PS4?


UK Sales Chart: Titanfall has Biggest Week of 2014, Raises Xbox One Hardware

Dark Souls 2’s week 1 is higher than Dark Souls 1’s week 1.


Week In Review: 3/14/14 – Back to the Drawing Board

Calm before the storm.


EA: Titanfall Being an Xbox Exclusive was Based on Xbox and PlayStation Forecasts “A Few Years Ago”

EA still has a “number of years left” on the Madden license.


EA Hints at Future Titanfalls Possibly Coming to Other Consoles “At Some Point”

If a titan falls in the woods, will it happen on PlayStation?