Learn How Far David Cage Would Go For Someone He Loves

Heavy Rain is a unique murder thriller from Quantic Dream that allows players to make their own choices and test their own limits to complete the game. The company’s CEO and writer and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage, often asked people at conventions and expos, as well as in trailers, how far they would go for someone they love, saying that the game will help them answer this question. At this year’s Eurogamer Expo in London, PlayStation LifeStyle managed to ask the prestigious developer the same question.

After hearing the question, the father of Heavy Rain paused as he pondered his response, replying:

“…heh… my answer to this question is that you can never answer until you have to answer it.”

PSLS then asked him if in the game he “could go quite far” as the game is meant to mirror how far we will go in real life. David Cage responded, with an ominous glint in his eye:


To view the entire video interview with David Cage click here.

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