PSLS Presents – Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games, Bayonetta

Bayonetta , the highly anticipated action game from Platinum Games, will release in western markets next January for the PlayStation 3.  The game centers on its title character of the same name, and is set in a fictional European city. Bayonetta is directed by Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe series creator, as well as Okami mastermind, Hideki Kamiya in cooperation with publisher Sega. PlayStation LifeStyle managed to interview none other than Kamiya himself over the game, DLC, Bayonetta’s sexuality and much, much more.

PlayStation LifeStyle: Who are you, and what is your position at Platinum Games?Hideki Kamiya

My name is Hideki Kamiya and I am the Game Director on Bayonetta.

PSLS: How did the idea of her hair being her clothes and a weapon come about?

It’s an idea I’ve had for quite a while so I’m very happy to have it included in the game. In the game Bayonetta’s hair is actually her clothing too, so you’ll see when she does a hair attack, she loses some of her clothing.

PSLS: How would you respond to claims of similarities between Bayonetta and Devil May Cry?

There are always going to be comparisons because of my work on DMC. For me, Bayonetta is very much a progression of all the games I’ve made so far, not just Devil May Cry, but also titles like Okami and Viewtiful Joe. All my experience has been used to make Bayonetta, and our aim is to create something completely new and redefine the 3D action genre. I don’t mind Bayonetta being compared to DMC as I’m very proud of what we achieved on DMC.

PSLS: How does Bayonetta’s sexuality play a part in the game?

In lots of different ways really, Bayonetta does carry herself and communicates like a strong, attractive and independent woman. So everything from the character animation to the script enforces this as you’re playing through the game. I designed Bayonetta to be like my ideal woman so hopefully lots of gamers will find her attractive too!

PSLS: What were the main inspirations for the game?

Our influence came from lots of different things, from films, books and movies, and from architecture for some of our gameworlds. We’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas for all parts of our games, from character design to gameplay mechanics. With Bayonetta we wanted to go very big, and to create something that gamers hadn’t seen before and we hope that gamers will think we’ve done a good job when they play the game.

PSLS: On average how long is a play-through of the game?

This really depends on the skill of the player. I would estimate a full play-through would be around 10-12 hours but we have lots of unlockables and additional content to ensure the game has plenty of re-playability. We have several difficulty modes in there that will cater to every kind of player.

PSLS: How many different items can Bayonetta equip, and what types of items are in the game?

We have a huge array of different weapons in the game, from pistols to rocket launchers to katanas, and Bayonetta can use her magical powers and hair to attack her enemies too. You collect the weapons one by one as you advance in the game. Each weapon has both positives and negatives so a weapon that you get later in the game does not necessarily mean that it is a stronger weapon than ones you get earlier in the game.

All the weapons have their own characteristics. For example, one weapon has less power but is capable of quicker attacks, and another weapon could be great for the melee attack but not useful for long range attacks etc… So first you choose a weapon that works for you, and then improve your technique with it. And of course, there are many types of enemies, so you can have to change weapons to suit the battle situation.

Each weapon has different performances like a “Hand Weapon”, ”Foot Weapon” and “Hand & Foot Dual-Use Weapon”. This means you can search for the best combination for you. After you have mastered one style, you can try new styles to discover a brand new gameplay experience, so there’s almost endless customisation to the combat.

PSLS: Will Bayonetta be supported with DLC?

No, we won’t have DLC for Bayonetta. We have focused on making sure that Bayonetta has a huge amount of content so there’s plenty of replay value in the game. We wanted to really augment the player’s feeling of satisfaction when they purchase the game and can spend hours playing it.

PSLS: What other games if any are you working on, and what is next for Platinum Games?

I’m afraid we can’t really reveal anything at this stage. We do have lots of plans in the pipeline so you’ll hear more about this in due course.

PlayStation LifeStyle would like to thank Hideki Kamiya, Platinum Games and SEGA for allowing PSLS to conduct the interview. Stay tuned to PSLS for more interviews and PlayStation news.