256, The Perfect Number For An ‘Epic Battle’

Sony and Zipper Interactive are both banking on the success of MAG; the biggest online, console game ever. With game modes supporting up to 256 players, MAG is certainly trying to reach for the stars. With two betas, one of which was public, the servers hopefully will be able to stand the load when the game launches later this month in the U.S. A Zipper developer had an interview with Play3.de, in which he stated that 256 was “perfect” for the game.

Many are worrying that 256 players will become to clustered, and the game will be unplayable. According to Zipper, 256 is quite right, and will make for a good experience.

“We have chosen deliberately so for 256 players. Not because we are a technical limit prescribing. Certainly we would be able to tickle a few more pieces from the hardware, but 256 players are perfect to give you the feeling of an epic battle. With a higher number of players would lose the individual and may no longer be seen as part of a team.”

Note, the above was translated by Google. Time will only tell about whether or not 256 is a good number for online gaming, and it sure will be interesting and see if this high-reaching number will become standard for online gaming.