New Killzone 3 Information May Arrive Next Month

Killzone 2 could arguably be the best shooter of 09′, bringing us breathtaking graphics and an addictive online experience, undoubtedly showcasing the PlayStation 3’s potential. With all the rumors since Killzone 2’s release about when we will see a sequel, it shouldn’t be too long until we see Sev and company return.

A reputable user from the PSU forums has indicated when we might possibly see some Killzone 3 information:

…I will have a LOT of Killzone 3 news next month. There was talk of trying to release the game by the end of 2010 to compete with Halo: Reach. I personally doubt that this will happen. I am almost certain we will see Killzone 3 Feb/March 2011. I can shed some more light on this next month.

This user has access to unreleased titles (Dante’s Inferno, Heavy Rain, AvP), as shown by the shots below:

You can bet that Guerrilla‘s next game is undoubtedly Killzone 3. Stick with PlayStation Lifestyle for everything regarding the next installment of the Killzone saga.