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The Wire Actor Lance Reddick Might Have a Role to Play in Horizon Zero Dawn

Did anyone notice him in yesterday’s trailer?

Rigs review mechanized combat league 2

Sony to Close RIGS, Killzone Mercenary Developer Guerrilla Cambridge

Guerrilla Amsterdam is unaffected by the closure.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Story Trailer Focuses on a New Threat

Who are the masked warriors?


Learn About Aloy’s Past in Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer

The protagonist isn’t a “Disney type princess.”

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Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date Brought Forward in the UK

Aloy’s grand adventure now begins March 1 for those in the UK.

Horizon Zero Dawn 4K 555x328

Horizon Zero Dawn Will Harness Procedural Tech to Render Environment

Guerrilla to demonstrate technology in full at GDC 2017.


PSX 2016 – Kojima Using Horizon Zero Dawn Engine for Death Stranding

Decima, it’s called.


RIGS Update 1.05 Adds Quick Match, December Update Will Bring New Rigs

Zurich arena also coming next month.


New Video Explains How Guerrilla Games Created the Vast Open World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Variety of environments with day and night cycles.

Rigs review mechanized combat league 2

RIGS Mechanized Combat League Update 1.04 Today Includes PS4 Pro Support

And lots of bug fixes.


Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro Enhancements on 1080p & 4K TVs Detailed

They can do some exciting things for Horizon Zero Dawn’s art style.

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Explores the Evolution of Machines, Offers First Look at “Snapmaw”

Footage captured from PS4 Pro.


RIGS Day One Update Adds Private Matches, Launch Trailer Released

Want to see RIGS in action? Check out 38 minutes of career mode gameplay.

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Guerrilla Details the Side Quests and Activities Populating the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Be wary of the Corruption Zones.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Killzone Dev Scrapped Other PS4 Idea in Favor of Horizon: Zero Dawn (Update)

Was it a Killzone game?

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Guerrilla Games: Resolution Is Really the Only Difference Between HDR on PS4 Pro & PS4

Managing Director talks PS4 Pro and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Guerrilla Says Sony Will Further Detail PS4 Pro Specs in Near Future, Talks Horizon: Zero Dawn

Mark Cerny isn’t done talking about them yet.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Video Shows off the Power of the PS4 Pro

Looking good!

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New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay and Details Revealed By Game Informer

Coverage trailer also offers up a look behind the scenes.


RIGS Mechanized Combat League’s Single-Player Career Mode Lets You Play Offline With AI Pilots

Guerrilla Games details what to expect from RIGS.