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Horizon Zero Dawn Players Have Died Over 95 Million Times in Three Weeks

Take a look at the theme Platinum Trophy owners in North America can receive.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.11 Today Fixes An Issue Introduced With 1.10

The issue occurred when you bought a weapon or outfit you already owned.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.10 Fixes Several Issues, Adds Ability to Buy Multiple Items

An issue that caused problems after 200 hours has been fixed.

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Horizon Zero Dawn AMA Reveals Which Machine Was Designed First, Difficulty of Transitioning From Killzone & More

A lot of Ridgewood has been collected!


Horizon Zero Dawn Has Sold More Than 2.6 Million Copies Since Launch

Story expansion teased.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.04 Addresses Numerous Quests Issues

Robbing the Rich fix coming in the future.


Horizon Zero Dawn Week 1 Saw Players Kill Over 152M Watchers and Over 1.4M Thunderjaws

Not everyone’s into stealth.


Horizon Zero Dawn Not Using PS4 Pro to Its Fullest

Not enough power!

Everything Wrong With Horizon Zero Dawn Featured

Everything Wrong With Horizon Zero Dawn (No Spoilers)

Yeah, we’re nitpicking.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.03 Fixes Crashing and Progression Issues

It’s only 230MB.


PSA: Horizon Zero Dawn Soundtrack Out on Spotify

80-track album.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Dev Responds to Criticism From Native American Writer Over Use of Certain Terms

Guerrilla accused of tropes and appropriation.


Guerrilla Games Is Investigating Horizon Zero Dawn Crashing Issues During the Opening Cinematic (Update)

Some players are also experiencing a dialogue audio issue.


Horizon Zero Dawn’s 1080p PS4 Pro Mode Only Offers Minor Frame-Rate Improvements, Says Digital Foundry

Because the performance is already so good.


Charting the Evolution of Guerrilla Games

From Big Brother to one of Sony’s most beloved developers.


Here’s the Trophy Lists for Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost Recon Wildlands

Horizon has 56 Trophies.


Horizon Zero Dawn Pre-Load Is Live, Open World & Skills Trailers Released

PS+ members in Europe can grab a free theme.


New Horizon Zero Dawn Videos Showcase the Game in 4K, Explain Crafting Systems

Tuesday, get over here!


Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Detailed Technical Analysis Outlining Strengths and Weaknesses

Digital Foundry says Guerrilla’s technical accomplishment is “sensational.”


Guerrilla Games Talks Horizon Zero Dawn – Mystery and Discovery

From conceptualization to reality!