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Guerrilla Games Discusses Designing Aloy, Avoiding Oversexualization

It “would be really distracting to the bigger premise of the game.”

Horizon Zero Dawn 4K 555x328

Latest Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers Focus on The Combat & Building the World

Guerrilla mo-capped almost 15 hours of dialogue.


Xbox Boss Asks Fans to Celebrate “Good” Games Like Horizon Zero Dawn

Phil Spencer says it’s a positive for the whole industry.


Analyst: Horizon Zero Dawn Could Sell More Than Four Million Copies This Year

And upwards of eight million copies in its lifetime.

Top 5 Things to Do in Horizon Zero Dawn Featured

Top 5 Things to Do in Horizon Zero Dawn (No Spoilers)

Try these once you get the game!


Future Horizon Zero Dawn Games Could Star Someone Other Than Aloy

But Guerrilla thinks she’ll always be a part of the series.


Horizon Zero Dawn Runs at a Nearly Locked 30fps, PS4 vs PS4 Pro Video Analysis Shows

Digital Foundry calls it a “stunning technical showcase.”


Horizon Zero Dawn Day One Update Will Include a New PS4 Pro Mode Favoring Frame-Rate

Sony is giving you the chance to unlock some exclusive Avatars.


Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Post-Apocalypse Phenomenon (PS4)

It’s a robot’s world, you just barely survive in it.


Horizon Zero Dawn – Everything You Need to Know

Robo-dinos, a flame-haired heroine, and a beautiful open world.

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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Pre-Load and Unlock Times Confirmed

Reviews drop on Monday.


Horizon Zero Dawn Doesn’t Have Random Lightning Strikes Because “It Just Felt Unfair”

Weather will impair your vision, not hurt you.


Horizon Zero Dawn Gets More Trailers, Trophy Details Revealed

Looks like there’s only one Gold Trophy.


Horizon Zero Dawn Preview – Focused Aggression (PS4)

Beautiful contrasts.


Horizon Zero Dawn’s Day One Update Is 250MB, New Trailers Released

Find out what happens when you explore the wild.


Here’s the Horizon Zero Dawn TV Commercial and Launch Message to Media

Early copies are already making their way to players.


PlayStation UK: Horizon Zero Dawn Has a Lot of Potential to Be “An Exciting New Franchise”

“We’re really optimistic about how this title’s likely to perform.”


Horizon Zero Dawn Review Embargo Lifts Before Launch, Two More Machines Detailed

Download size appears to be 45GB.


Horizon Zero Dawn Videos Introduces the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw

Formidable robo-dinos!