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Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.21 Today Fixes Progression & Crashing Issues

No new features.

E3 2017 Sony predictions

E3 2017 Predictions – What Sony’s Studios Will Show at the Event

Here’s what to expect from Sony’s internal studios at E3 2017!


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.20 Is Live, Here’s the Patch Notes

Week 3 of the Photo Mode contest is on now.


Sony Rewarding Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Trophy Owners With Avatar

Free stuff!


Ninja Theory on Potential Enslaved 2: Horizon Zero Dawn May Have “Taken Over That Mantle”

There’s “a lot of similar stuff” in the two games.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.13 Adds Background Music Support, Ability to Drop Treasure Chests

And several progression/crashing fixes.

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Watch the 47-Minute Horizon Zero Dawn Making Of Documentary Right Here

Learn more about Aloy, Guerrilla Games, and the creation of Horizon Zero Dawn.


Watch Neil Druckmann & Hermen Hulst Discuss Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla’s Scrapped Steampunk Title

The discussion is 24 minutes long.


Horizon Zero Dawn Dev “Looking Closely” at Critiques While Planning Its Future

They wish they could have added more machines.


Xbox Founder Praises Horizon Zero Dawn, Says Shuhei Yoshida “Is the Man”

It took “balls” to stick by the game.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.12 Adds 3D Audio Support, Fixes Numerous Issues

You’ll also find improved performance in several areas.


Horizon Zero Dawn Players Have Died Over 95 Million Times in Three Weeks

Take a look at the theme Platinum Trophy owners in North America can receive.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.11 Today Fixes An Issue Introduced With 1.10

The issue occurred when you bought a weapon or outfit you already owned.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.10 Fixes Several Issues, Adds Ability to Buy Multiple Items

An issue that caused problems after 200 hours has been fixed.

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Horizon Zero Dawn AMA Reveals Which Machine Was Designed First, Difficulty of Transitioning From Killzone & More

A lot of Ridgewood has been collected!


Horizon Zero Dawn Has Sold More Than 2.6 Million Copies Since Launch

Story expansion teased.


Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.04 Addresses Numerous Quests Issues

Robbing the Rich fix coming in the future.


Horizon Zero Dawn Week 1 Saw Players Kill Over 152M Watchers and Over 1.4M Thunderjaws

Not everyone’s into stealth.


Horizon Zero Dawn Not Using PS4 Pro to Its Fullest

Not enough power!