Santa Monica Studio Is One of a Kind

Santa Monica Studio has been at the forefront of top-quality gaming entertainment since 2001. With the release of their prized God of War series, the company quickly hopped into the arena as one of the top gaming development companies worldwide. Now that trailers of epic proportions for God of War III have been released, many have wondered how Santa Monica Studio does such great work.

In an IndustryGamers interview with Steve Caterson from Santa Monica Studio, Caterson emphasized that the studio had to draw inspiration from themselves in order to make such a big leap in gaming. Steve Caterson stated the following:

“For us, it’s always been about previous games we’ve worked on,” he continued. “Nobody came into the office one day with a game someone else made and said, ‘Look at this, we need to have this in our game.’ It’s always been about outdoing ourselves; with God of War II, we had to outdo the Hydra and I think we did it with the Colossus battle, and this time, we had to be even bigger than that with God of War III. I’d like to think we succeeded.”

Santa Monica Studio have completely outdone themselves with the upcoming title God of War III. While both previous installations of the series are hailed as epic masterpieces, God of War III downright trounces both titles and anything else on the market in terms of scope. The imagination and effort put into the title truly shines through, and will be a delight for gamers to enjoy in just over a week.

The official PlayStation LifeStyle review for God of War III will be released on Monday March 8th, while the game will become available on March 16th, 2010.