PlayStation 3 May Exclusively Receive Manhunt 3

The PlayStation 2 is host to a massive library of games, and a few unforgettable titles have been released for the last-generation console. One of those jaw-dropping games is undoubtedly Manhunt. The gore-filled gruesome psychological horror title is one of the most controversial titles ever released on a console, with the level of graphic violence featured in the game leading it to get banned in various countries. Fans who have been awaiting the day for any news regarding the highly sought for Manhunt 2 sequel won’t have to wait any longer.

GoFanboy are receiving the news from “trusted sources” thatManhunt 3 will be released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and will make use of PlayStation Move. The game may not be the “big exclusive” from TakeTwo and Rockstar Games which has been speculated on the web, but any hint at a third installment in the horrific series will satisfy fans.

The rumor of the game using PlayStation Move could inevitable give PlayStation 3 owners the motion functionality that is available in the Nintendo Wii version of Manhunt 2. The third-person stealth horror series has sold over 1.7 million copies for GTA owners Take-Two Interactive, so it would make sense if the firm are looking into another Manhunt game.

We’re going to treat this as strictly a rumor, but stick to PlayStation LifeStyle will update you on any news regarding Manhunt.