Zombie and Monster Hunters Crossover into Lost Planet 2

All the rage currently in Japan has to do with crossovers– don’t believe me? We reported early last week that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will feature a ‘Monster Hunter‘ mode where Snake will enter the world of MH to hunt monsters, Metal Gear Style. Considering how popular Monster Hunter is in Japan, this is likely going to help sell hundreds of thousands of extra copies more than it was originally going to. Capcom themselves is ready to cash-in on this idea as a smörgåsbord of Capcom identities will be entering the world of Lost Planet 2.

If Solid Snake can infiltrate the world of Monster Hunter, then why can’t a Monster Hunter character hunt some Akrid? At the moment, the MH avatar is a japan (And a PS3 exclusive to boot!) exclusive, though I’m sure Capcom will included it in the US release, considering the nice little following the series has here. If Frank West can topple a Mall full of zombies, who’s to say he couldn’t take on some Akrid too? Or What about Albert Wesker? Dude has been fighting zombies, tyrants, hunters and the like since 1996, so he should surely know a trick or two about fighting monsters and more. Capcom is pulling out all the stops with Lost Planet 2 and who knows what other characters could possibly show up in the final release?

Lost Planet 2 looks to correct the errors of the first game and will focus on the newly implemented 4-player co-op mode. Lost Planet 2 looks to crush your collection come this May 11 in the US and Europe.