Sports Champions – Trophy Guide

Sports Champions is one of the biggest PlayStation Move launch titles, being bundled with all Starter Packs in North America, and sold separately in the rest of the world. It features a collection of different sports ranging from Table Tennis to Archery, each of which have their own individual trophies to earn. There are 43 trophies to collect including 30 bronze, 9 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

Living Legend (Platinum)Congratulations! You are a true CHAMPION.

Earn all other trophies in the game.

I Can Throw A Disc (Bronze)Win a Disc Golf match in any mode.

Win a game of Disc Golf in any mode.

Ace! (Bronze)Get a hole-in-one in Disc Golf.

This is easiest to do on the very first hole in the Bronze Cup match against Jackson. Just keep practicing until you get it.

My Aim Is True (Bronze)Get a score of 5000 or better in Disc Golf Challenge Mode.

Go to Disc Golf and choose Challenge Mode. There will be three stages which will add up to your final score. You will build up a multiplier by not missing the rings. You will want to get your multiplier up near 8x. You should try to aim for around 3000+ points in Stage 1 and around 1,500 points in the final two stages. Remember to keep your Disc level and not to throw it too hard. Release the “T” button when the Move controller is pointing at your target.

Fore! (Bronze)Toss 20 discs close enough to an opponent in Disc Golf to make them get out of the way in Champion’s Cup.

Choose any match in the Disc Golf Champion’s Cup. Wait for your opponent to take their turn. Once it’s your turn again aim your Disc as close to your opponent as you can using the “Move” button to move you character. Throw your Disc at them and it will cause them to move out of the way. As long as you are always the furthest away, you will get to keep throwing your Disc. You will automatically lose after ten shots so you should be able to get anywhere from 5-10 “Fore!” throws per match. Just rinse and repeat until you get the trophy.

All Too Easy … (Silver)Shoot a score of -10 or better over the full 18 hole course in Disc Golf.

Get lots of practice in Disc Golf as this will be a challenging trophy. Then go to Free Play and select stroke play. Select “Full Course – 18 Holes”.  select 1 player and then choose “No” when it asks if you want to play against a CPU opponent. Play as Giselle. At this point you will be ready to play. You will need to finish the hole in less shots than the Par score for that hole. You can see the par score in the upper right corner of the screen. I would shoot for a score of at least -5 on the first nine holes. If you can get a hole in one that will help out a bunch. You can check your score by pressing “triangle” in between holes. Finish the 18 holes with a score of -10 or better to get the trophy.

I Hit Someone (Bronze)Win a Gladiator Duel match in any mode.

Win a Gladiator Duel match in any mode.

King Of The Ring (Bronze)Win 30 matches in Gladiator Duel by knocking your opponent out of the ring in Champion’s Cup.

You don’t actually have to win the match for it to count towards the trophy. You just have to knock your opponent out of the ring during the match. This means that you can earn one “ring out” for every round you play if you knock your opponent out of the ring each time. The fastest way to do this is to play the first match in the Bronze Cup over and over until you get it. Play as Rin and hold up your shield with the “T” button.  When you see your opponent is about to swing dodge to the left and swing at the same time. This will cause them to fall down. Then perform a jumping attack while they are on the ground. As soon as they get up, bash them with your shield until you knock them out of the ring.

Man Or Machine? (Bronze)Get a score of 15,000 or better in Gladiator Duel Challenge Mode.

Go to Gladiator Duel and choose Challenge Mode. Hit the red areas and build your multiplier by hitting your opponent and block or parry sword attacks. There are three rounds which will add up to your total score. You should aim for around 4,000 in round one, around 1,700 in round two and around 4,000 in round three.

Super Parry! (Bronze)Successfully parry (block using JUST your weapon) a “Super Strike” attempt against all 10 opponents in Gladiator Duel playing in Champion’s Cup.

Choose Gladiator Duel and go to Champion’s Cup. Play as Rin. Skip the first two matches and start with the third match in the Bronze Cup (Belle).  While fighting belle make sure you only hit her on her shield. After a few hits on her shield you will give her a “Super Strike”. Her weapon will start flashing blue. When she activates it her weapon will turn solid blue. At this point you should hold your shield up and to the left. You should also hold your sword sideways and wait for her to attack. Her “Super Strike” will fail and you will get credit for successfully performing a “Super Parry”.

Repeat this for the seven remaining matches in the Bronze Cup and then the first two matches in the Silver Cup.

Super Striker! (Silver)Complete 50 “Super Strikes” in Gladiator Duel playing in Champion’s Cup.

Go to Gladiator Duel and choose Champion’s Cup. This will be easiest to do in the first Bronze Cup. If you play a three round match you should be able to get about 3-4 Super Strikes per round for a total of 9-12 per match. To get a Super Strike you will need to try and block all of your opponents attacks with your sword until you Super Strike meter is full. Blocking with your sword will fill the meter twice as fast as your shield.  Once the meter is full then use your Super Strike. Repeat this as many times as you can until the match is over. Then replay the match until you get the trophy.

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