Final Fantasy Ships 100 Million Units Worldwide

When one thinks of PlayStation, Final Fantasy is almost guaranteed to come to mind. The Final Fantasy series has been in existence for over 20 years and is one of the top 10 best selling video game franchises of all time. Despite not having a huge impact in the current generation of gaming, the select outing on the portables and consoles were enough to push the series past an impressive sales barrier. 

Since the franchise’s inception in December 1987, the popular Square Enix Japanese RPG has shipped over 100 million copies around the globe. The president and CEO of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, issued a statement regarding the news:

We are extremely proud of what the Final Fantasy franchise has achieved over the years and continue to be extremely excited about the future. I would like thank all of our fans, partners and development teams for their support.

The official press release from the company, while geared towards investors, serves as a great way to lead the publisher into the showing at E3 and eventual release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Now the only question is, where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII? So tell us: are you a Final Fantasy fan? Where will the series go from here? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.