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Final Fantasy XV Could Possibly Feature Female Guest Party Characters, Says Tabata

The males’ behaviors could change if a female is in the party.


Final Fantasy XV Survey Wants Your Feedback on the Demo

Currently only available in PAL regions.

type next

Hajime Tabata Teases Final Fantasy Type-Next, Artwork Revealed

Production is on hold.


Final Fantasy XI PS2 Continues Through 2016; Mobile Version/App Announced

One last bit of new content coming.


Final Fantasy XV Demo Shows a Secret Video After Finishing It

You can watch it here, but it does contain spoilers!


15 PSP Remakes We Want to See on the PS4 and Vita

PSP Games we want to see remastered on the PS4 and/or Vita!


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review – Class Zero (PS4)

This is one really good Vita game!

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI Press Conference Being Held This Week, Will Discuss MMO’s Future

Some sort of revitalization? Or is Square Enix shutting it down?


Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Hands-On Impressions – It’s Real (PS4)

Has it really been 9 years?


Square Enix Planning to Reveal a Surprise JRPG for Consoles This Fiscal Year

They’re preparing “all kinds of things” for E3 2015.


Giant Final Fantasy XV Summon Revealed, Watch 50 Minutes of Demo Gameplay

Spoilers ahead.


Final Fantasy Type-0 Was Almost Cancelled, Says Director

“We actually came really close”


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trophy List Released, Houses 50 Trophies in Total

So many Trophies, so little time.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector’s Edition Priced & Detailed, PS4 & PS3 Requirements Revealed

Before the Fall Part 2 patch is out this month.

feature-final fantasy type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review Screenshots

It’s not so pretty, but it’s fun


Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Current-Gen Exclusive (The Real Reason)

It’s not Tabata’s eyes.


Hajime Tabata Reveals the Origin of the Name Final Fantasy Type-0

Originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII.


Report: Final Fantasy Type-1 is in Development

Type-0 HD’s epilogue cinematic looks like a teaser.


Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy Type-0 HD “The Legacy Lives On” Trailer

Shows what Type-0 shares with other Final Fantasy games.