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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Review (Vita)

Like a Jecht Shot to the top corner, this pack scores.


Numerous EU PSN Final Fantasy Games Will be Discounted Starting on Wednesday, January 23rd

Don’t expect to see Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions free on PS+ anytime soon.


Another Disaster Like the Launch of FFXIV Could be the End of Square, Claims Director

One more strike and you’re out.


Final Fantasy III (PSP) Hands-On Impression [Tokyo Game Show]

It’s the DS game, except on a PSP and with auto battle.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Square Enix on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Japanese-Style Final Fantasy

PS3 exclusive will be shown only when the publisher is comfortable with the state it’s in.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced, 2013 Release

Probably their most-requested game.


Final Fantasy Anniversary Ultimate Box Announced, Includes Every Major Installment

Now that’s a lot of Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy XIII-3 Discussed in Vague XIII-2 Interview

Final Fantasy X‘s HD remaster wasn’t the only hot topic brought upRead the full article…


Final Fantasy X PS3/Vita is Not a Remake, HD Upgrade Only

HD visuals a go. New content? Probably no.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 First DLC Strikes Down February 8

Final Fantasy XIII-2 officially releases to retail today, and to celebrate theRead the full article…


Five Genres That Have Been Lacking This Generation

Every gaming generation has its trends, some better than others. This generation’sRead the full article…

Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign Starts Next Week

Many months ago, the ESRB teased us all by rating some classicRead the full article…