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final fantasy 15 dlc

Tabata Says Next Final Fantasy XV DLC is a ‘Brand New Story’

Tabata’s creativity comes off very clearly in the interview.

nobuo uematsu illness

Nobuo Uematsu Is Going on Hiatus While He Fights Illness and Fatigue

We wish Uematsu the best.

world of final fantasy maxima dlc

World of Final Fantasy Maxima DLC Upgrade Listed on Official Website

Maxima may be less of a commitment if you already bought the original.

two new final fantasy games

It’s a Final Fantasy Party, and Every Buddy is Invited

Final Fantasy Fables deserves another shot.

nobuo uematsu performance cancelled

Nobuo Uematsu Performance Cancelled Due to Health Issue

We hope Uematsu is able to recover soon.

new character kamlanaut

Final Fantasy XI’s Kam’lanaut Joins the Dissidia NT Roster

If you know who this is, you’re probably excited to see him.

final fantasy crystal chronicles remastered edition

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is Coming Next Year

The battle of the bucket begins anew.

final fantasy 15 sales

Final Fantasy XV Inches Closer to Its 10 Million Sales Goal, Tops 8 Million Units Worldwide

Many thought the goal was too ambitious.

lara croft inspired yuna

Yuna’s Final Fantasy X-2 Redesign was Based on Lara Croft

It’s obvious in hindsight, isn’t it?

new dissidia final fantasy nt character

Who Will Be the Next Dissidia NT Character?

We’re praying for Prompto.

new dissidia final fantasy nt stage

Final Fantasy’s Insomniac Citadel Coming Soon to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Garland sure does have it rough.

morality in video games

Life, Death, and Morality in Video Games

Thinking about life, death, and morality can be scary, but video games really can help you.

Final Fantasy 15 Sales

Final Fantasy XV Sales Exceed 7 Million Units Worldwide

The Caelum Quartet is back.

square enix gamescom lineup

Square Enix Going to gamescom with Kingdom Hearts III, Dragon Quest XI, and More

Seriously though, tell us more about that board game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Square Enix Job Posting Says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is an Action Game

Wait, wasn’t it always an action game?

final fantasy 14 fan festival tickets

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Tickets Available on General Release

An event as large as the game itself.

guitar collections final fantasy 4

Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV Now Available

Time to shred with Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT DLC

Rinoa Heartilly Is the Newest Final Fantasy Dissidia NT DLC Character

Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII makes her Dissidia NT debut.

New Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Character

A New Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Character Will Be Revealed Soon

A new challenger approaches!