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Report: Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming Soon, DLC Being Planned

Demo is in production.


Square Enix: Final Fantasy XV Isn’t Content Complete yet, Still Room to Make Changes

“We also will not spoil big parts of FFXV.”


Final Fantasy XV Pre-Beta Version Complete, Moogles Confirmed

“I will think of a fun little way to feature Moogles.”


Final Fantasy VII Composer Nobuo Uematsu Not Working on Remake

Fans aren’t too happy right now.


Square Enix Can’t Guarantee Moogles Will Be in Final Fantasy XV, Asks Your Opinion

“The main game is coming along nicely.”


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.1 Launches on November 10, Includes New 24-Player Alliance Raid & More

Lord of Verminion is a new RTS Gold Saucer attraction.


Square Enix Will “Revitalize Some of Our Strong IPs” for PS4 & Xbox One

They’ll also explore virtual reality and other platforms.


Hajime Tabata Says Final Fantasy XV Team Working on Better English Translations

“Rest assured that we’re discussing these issues internally”

PS4 JRPG Games

PS4 JRPGs – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

Persona, Disgaea, Final Fantasy, and much more!


New World of Final Fantasy Screenshots Feature Lightning, Ifrit, Cornelia & Much More

There’s 26 screenshots in all.


Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation VR: Great Game That Made Me Nauseous (TGS Hands-On)

Might not happen to you, but it happened to me, so there’s that.


Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XV’s Black-Haired Woman, Details Lunafreya’s Background

Fishing and Chocobo riding detailed as well.


Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer 2.0 & New Screenshots Revealed by Square Enix

Another new trailer looks at location scouting with the development team.

world of final fantasy

TGS 2015: Watch the World of Final Fantasy Trailer

PS4, Vita.


Downloading My Racial H2O Fry Belt – PlayStation JapanStyle

Give me that bottle when you’re done with it.


Final Fantasy X HD Update on PS4 Fixes Music and Random Generation Issues

Is just a 30MB download.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Was “Around 20 to 25 Percent” Done Before It Switched to FFXV

Tabata talks development shift.


Square Enix Unveils Five Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Driving Gameplay and a Screenshot of Caem

Get a recap of the Active Time Report if you missed it.


Final Fantasy XV Release Date Reconfirmed for 2016, Reveal Coming in March

Specific release date to be announced in March 2016.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Is Going Through “Trial and Error” Right Now, Says Producer

“Please don’t ask about how far into development we are and such.”