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Ask Square Enix Your Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Questions

They’ll show off some new parts of the game next week.


Square Enix Announces First Major Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Will increase level cap to 60.


Character Switching Isn’t in Final Fantasy XV Because of the Battle System (Update)

Game Director talks combat, E3 2013 trailer, and more.


New Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Show Characters, Cars, Combat

New images of the next main-series Fantasy.


A Final Fantasy PS Vita Game Could Happen If Players are Vocal Enough, Says FFXV Director

“I’d aim for the best quality on a limited screen size.”


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Loses Co-Op, Gains New Easy Mode

Goodbye, co-op.


Final Fantasy XV is “About 50 to 60%” Completed, Says Game Director

His development on the game started two years ago.


Square Enix Backtracks on Final Fantasy XV Demo Release Date

“The release date of the Final Fantasy XV Demo has not been confirmed.”


Behind Closed Doors, Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD at TGS

Secret meeting, single light bulb, dimly lit room, cigars.


Final Fantasy Type-0 “HD” TGS Hands-On – Jaggity Jag Jaggaroo

Gonna put someone’s eye out with those things.


Lengthy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Video, TGS Gameplay Trailer Revealed

March 2015 release date fully confirmed by Square Enix.


FFXIV Eorzea & Gundam Cafe Experiences – PlayStation JapanStyle Pre-TGS

Nerd lunch and geek dinner.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Going to be a True “Remastering of the Original Version”

Combat focuses on the true nature of battle.

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is Celebrating its First Anniversary, Adds Special Events

Get new items and weapons!


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Vita Version Was Considered, Director Felt a Bigger Screen Was More Appropriate

Final Fantasy XV development is being prioritized over Final Fantasy Type-0 HD by Tabata.


Nobuo Uematsu Discusses Life, Final Fantasy Music & Red Underpants at Distant Worlds Chicago

Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu reveals to PSLS he has lucky underwear.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is About 80% Done, Says Square Enix

The game’s director gave a vague answer when asked if it was coming to Vita.