PlayStation All-Stars Bio: Kratos

November 20, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Over the last 20 days, we’ve been giving you a look at each of the 20 different All-Stars characters. But now the game is out, and the Daily Reaction team of Seb and Dan have saved a god for you.

Name: Kratos

Origin: Once a merciless captain of the Spartan army, Kratos led his army to victory after victory – but when he was losing to a barbarian warlord he pledged his soul to Ares… the God of War. Ares gave him powers and bound the mythical Blades of Chaos to him, allowing Kratos to kill the barbarian and then go on to wreak havoc across Greece. To make Kratos the perfect soldier, Ares then tricked him into attacking a village where his wife and child were staying, causing him to accidentally kill them. The oracle of the village cursed Kratos so the ashes of his family were stuck to his skin, turning it ash-white (Ghost of Sparta), no matter how much tanning lotion he used.

He then vowed to serve the other gods, and is eventually given one final task – to kill Ares, the God of War.

Appeared in: God of War, God of War II, God of War: Betrayal, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War III, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, God of War: Ascension, God of War Collection, God of War: Origins Collection, God of War Saga,  Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, Mortal Kombat, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Voiced by: Terrence C. Carson, Antony Del Rio (child)

Developed by: Sony Santa Monica, Ready at Dawn, Javaground, Bluepoint Games

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment, Capcom (in Japan), Sony Pictures Digital (Betrayal)

Memorable Quotes:

God of war. I haven’t forgotten you. For what you did that night, this city will be your grave…If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die.

I am what the gods have made me!

The monster you created has returned… to kill you!

By the gods, what have I become?

My vengeance ends now.

PS3 move List:

  • Olympic Fury – ,,
  • Combat Grapple – Forward
  • Olympic Ascension – Up  (Hold to  to auto jump)
  • Olympic Storm – Down ,
  • Olympic Fury –  (Air)  (Air)  (Air)
  • Olympic Crash – Forward  (Air)
  • Cyclone of Chaos – Up  (Air)
  • Athena’s Revenge – Down  (Air)

  • Plume of Prometheus –
  • Spartan Change – Forward
  • Brutal Ascension – Up
  • Barbaric Crash – Down
  • Athena’s Fury – (Air)
  • Spartan Glory – Forward (Air) (Mash )
  • Vicious Maul – Up  (Air)
  • Barbarian Might – Down  (Air)

  • Apollo’s Bow –
  • Helios’ Flash – Forward
  • Icarus Ascension – Up
  • Golden Fleece – Down
  • Apollo’s Bow –  (Air)
  • Helios’ Flash – Forward  (Air)
  • Icarus Ascension – Up  (Air)
  • Golden Fleece – Down  (Air)

Item Pick-up


  • Battering Ram  – Right Analog Stick Forward
  • Furious Uppercut – Right Analog Stick Up
  • Cestus Slam – Right Analog Stick Down

Counter – 

Evade – + Left Analog Stick

Super Moves

  • Level 1 – Divine Fury – 
  • Level 2 – Divine Reckoning –
  • Level 3 – Rage of the Gods –

Kratos is playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on right now on PS3 and Vita. Be sure to visit our fully complete cast list, or check out our review.