Ask PSLS: What Do You Think of Grand Theft Auto V so Far; or Why Didn’t You Buy It Yet?

Grand Theft Auto V has taken the world by storm, and in our efforts not to exclude anyone in our weekly Ask PSLS posts, we came up with the oddly worded question this week for the staff: What Do You Think of GTA V so Far; or Why Didn’t You Buy It Yet?

Anthony Severino – Thusly (@Sev_Anthony)

The world is incredibly, highly detailed, and the closest thing to a living breathing world yet. That said, I do not care for the protagonists, and I cannot relate to some of the themes, situations, or language, which is vital to my enjoyment of a game. Thus, I’m not really enjoying Grand Theft Auto V – but I really didn’t expect to be. I’m merely playing it for its merits in game design, and so I can form an informed opinion when it comes to Game of the Year crowning.

Cameron Teague – Sleeping On It (@Cameron_PSLS)

Didn’t buy it, I’d rather just replay Sleeping Dogs or Saints Row. Never been a big GTA fan, the characters usually suck.

Chandler Wood – Cool Whipped (@FinchStrife)

My wife has actually played a lot more of it than I have, meaning I didn’t have much time with the controller yesterday. So far I am highly impressed with what I have seen and played. The story and characters seem much more intricate and interesting than previous entries and world is extremely detailed and alive, while the controls seem to be improved.

For all my qualms about this game (mostly due to not much liking GTA IV), I am actually very much enjoying the amount of work, detail, and improvement that has gone into GTA V, even if it is while watching my wife play instead of getting hands on time with it myself.

D’yani Wood – Gasp! A Woman!

I really like the realistic way it guides you through the story and missions. Such as not telling you this directly, but if you use the phone in different ways you naturally progress and learn more about the backstory. I also love the detail, life, and how much there is to do in the world.

Dan Oravasaari – Self Promoter (@FoolsJoker)

Just go here :).

Heath Hindman – Lightning Returns (@RPGLand)

I didn’t buy it because I’m just not in any hurry to play it. I know that it’s getting shiny reviews and fan gushing, but the exact same thing happened to Grand Theft Auto IV; and now, that game is the subject of scorn and retroactively disappointed comments. See also Final Fantasy XIII, although to a lesser extent. I’m not bagging on GTA V (I haven’t played it), but eh, Grand Theft Auto is a series of which I’m not the biggest fan. I like those games, but I don’t freak out over them.

Moreover, GTA V is the kind of game that will be around in great supply forever and ever. I can get into it when there’s more time for it and fewer games already in front of me. I’ll save money in the process.

Jason Dunning – Hype Man (@Jasonad21)

Having bought Grand Theft Auto IV at midnight on launch day (I got caught up in the hype) and getting bored with it after a couple of hours, I have held off on Grand Theft Auto V. I’m sure I’ll give into temptation by the end of the year – especially if there’s a good sale at some point – but I won’t be going out of my way since I haven’t been a fan of the series up to this point, and I have a lot of other games to play through.

Louis Edwards – Spork (@ftwrthtx)

I’ve never been a fan of any of the GTA games, and this one doesn’t interest me either. After seeing all of the review scores, the game has an excellent shot at GOTY (at least for this gen) but I still can’t bring myself to fork over $60 bucks for a series I could never get into.

Sebastian Moss – Wishes it Was Set in the UK (@SebMoss)

Sometimes I wake up topless in the middle of nowhere, with a strange taste in my mouth and a pervasive feeling of lost control. Countless hours of therapy, different diets and alcohol have all failed to cure this affliction. I used to think I was going insane, but now I know what has happened. Thank you for opening my eyes GTA V, thank you.

What do you think of Grand Theft Auto V so far? Why didn’t you buy it yet? Do you think Chandler’s wife should be a part of future Ask PSLS posts? Let us know in the comments below.