Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.10 on PS4 and Xbox One Today Fixes Graphical Issues

After news (and Rockstar confirmation) surfaced that update 1.08 for Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One downgraded the graphics, Rockstar has released update 1.10 today on PS4 and Xbox One to “fully restore” graphical quality.

Here’s the short list of patch notes associated with the new update:

  • Fixes graphical issues on PS4 and Xbox One introduced after Title Update 1.08.
  • Corrects an issue where some players’ character appearances would change periodically.
  • Fixes an animation issue where another player aiming on your screen would not play the correct animation.

Saying it’s a 4.7GB update on PS4, Eurogamer confirmed that “parallax occlusion mapping is back in the game, and based on initial observations, the performance improvements seen in patch 1.09 remain in effect on the Sony platform.”

Also, if you’re experiencing Suspend Mode issues on PS4, Rockstar says, “This can be resolved by closing GTAV in the PS4 XMB, then re-launching the game.”

Have you noticed the graphical upgrades present in GTAV after installing the update?

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