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Capcom Says It Was Already Putting Together Ideas for a Resident Evil 2 Remake

A fan remake of Resident Evil 2 caught everyone’s attention recently, including Capcom’s. The company’s R&D Division 1 took to its official Facebook page, asking fans for thoughts on a Resident Evil 2 remake. Fan response was overwhelming, prompting Capcom to thank everyone in a subsequent post for their “passion” and “continued support” of the Resident Evil brand. We were also told that a company boss had questioned whether a game “worth seeing” could be created as an “answer” to fan enthusiasm.

Now, Capcom has confirmed via another post that ideas for a Resident Evil 2 remake were already being put together following the completion of Resident Evil HD Remaster

Right after the RE HD Remaster project was finished, I actually started putting together my ideas for this “RE2 Project”. So, I just brushed it up and went to see my boss to present the basic concept of the project already…

Attached to this post was the image that you can see above. 

In other words, it seems that Resident Evil 2 remake is likely to be realized, which is in line with Capcom’s recently announced business strategy of creating remakes for hit titles.

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