Uncharted 4’s Modifiers Include No Gravity and Helium Audio, All Modifiers Shown in Video

It’s been less than a week but many players are already finishing up Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Even though the credits roll, there is still tons of fun to be had with Nathan Drake and crew. Finishing the game once allows you to unlock a series of gameplay modifiers that alter a number of elements in the game. Some of them actually impact the gameplay, like bullet speed mode which slows time whenever you hold L2 to aim your weapon, and others just get silly, such as the option for helium audio that hilariously raises the pitch of all audio in the game. You can check out all of Uncharted 4’s gameplay modifiers in the video above. 

In addition, we want to put together a gallery of community captures using Uncharted 4’s photo mode, so feel free to email me at Chandler (at) PlayStationLifeStyle.net or tweet me @FinchStrife with your Uncharted 4 photo mode screenshots and we’ll include our favorites in a future gallery of reader submissions. 

What do you think of the gameplay modifiers? Will you be playing through a second time without gravity or giving Drake a high pitched voice the whole time? Will crushing difficulty be too easy with the infinite ammo modifier? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to send in those photo mode screenshots.

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