No Man’s Sky Update 1.05 Rolls Out

While No Man’s Sky just had a new patch a few days ago, a new No Man’s Sky update (1.05) has been rolled out just now over the weekend. 

Clocking in at just 35MB, the update notes from the PlayStation 4 only mentions “bug fixes” so far. Checking the No Man’s Sky sub-reddit, users have pointed out some new fixes they’ve noticed such as the Discovery menu bug, and also a known save issue.


I know it does fix the discovery menu bug where it would crash the game if you closed it before it was completely loaded.


The patch fixed the game not saving if you loaded a previous save.

And for some reason, interacting with certain objects is possible at a couple of feet away now instead of walking straight up to it. Not sure if this is related to the patch.

Fauna and flora discoveries load slower for me if I load a second page but no big deal.

All I noticed right now.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far. Once we know the official patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post. In more No Man’s Sky news, some users are irate at Sony for its refund policy regarding the game. Now, if you’re one of the many who bought the game and are happy with it, Hello Games mentions that the next update (I assume not this one) will make a lot of people “happy.”

Don’t forget to check out the changes made by Hello Games in patch 1.04, or go watch our Everything Wrong With No Man’s Sky video feature to see if our complaints align with yours.

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