PS4 Horror Games 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

Thanks to the popularity of “Let’s Plays,” there has definitely been a resurgence of horror games as of late. A lot of indie titles have helped bring back the genre’s popularity, and it’s great to see. There is one negative side effect, though, as there are so many PS4 horror games that it can be difficult to know what is actually worth playing.

That is why we’ve made a list of what horror games are available now (or at least coming very soon) to PlayStation 4, and if they are actually worth playing. After reading PlayStation LifeStyle’s list, you’ll be able to easily decide on what PS4 horror games are right for you. Be it a game with an interesting narrative, a tense survival horror game, or something filled with jump scares.

Check out our full list below which will give you the 411 on everything you need to know regarding PS4 horror games:

We hope you enjoyed our look at what PS4 horror games are available now. It’s a fantastic time to be a fan of horror games, and even more great titles are on the way such as Outlast 2! Only games that are out now (or coming soon) were listed here, so eventually more great games will join this list.

Let us know in the comments what PS4 horror games you have enjoyed so far, and if any of the upcoming titles interest you.

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