PSVR Update 2.40 Seems to Improve Cinema Mode, Beta Testers Give Feedback on 3D Support

PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50‘s beta brought with it update 2.40 for the PSVR headset as well, which Sony said would add 3D Blu-ray support. Those who are beta testing the update (codenamed Sasuke) are now also reporting a marked improvement in PSVR’s cinema mode.

Over on Reddit, several folks said that they noticed the improvement. User Chrislawrance wrote that there were no patch notes available but reassured that the mode “certainly looks better.” He further explained:

Tested it in 3D using Avatar and it was really clear. Not quite TV clear but definitely better. Could easily use it as a 2nd screen without feeling like you are losing out.

It’s hard to describe how it’s improved. The edging just seems smoother I guess.

User BeerGutNinja added:

Cinema mode resolution definitely improved but I’m a little disappointed by the overall effect of the 3D compared to watching through the TV with a pair of passive glasses.

The depth just isn’t as effective and to be honest I couldn’t tell I was in 3D all the time.

Elsewhere, beta testers shared their feedback on the added 3D support and noted that PSVR’s drift issue still hasn’t been fixed. However, quite a few users say that they’re enjoying watching movies in 3D.

User Takoman64 wrote:

PSVR 3D has made me a believer in what cinematic 3D can actually bring to the table. After about 10 minutes of the movie the 3D is so perfect you more or less forget about it being there at all. I can confidently say I will only be buying 3D from now on and primarily watching movies in 3D on PSVR. It brought the movie to life, gave it depth, and really made me feel as if I were in the Marvel universe.

Another user (RedSpecialFX) added:

I’ve tried The Force Awakens, Jurassic Park and Pacific Rim so far and I’m impressed with the results. I love watching movies on my 3D TV but this beats it which I didn’t expect, to be honest.

Zero cross talk that I can see, nice depth and pretty impressive with the pop out moments.

It’s very close to a cinema 3D experience. The Force Awakens in particular seemed really close to what I remember from viewing the movie in 3D at my local IMAX. The screen might not be as crisp as that screen but it’s definitely improved since the update.

We’ll update our readers when we have an official list of changes and improvements.

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