Watch Eight Minutes of New Far Cry 5 Gameplay

Ubisoft just released a new extended look at Far Cry 5. The latest footage is a developer-led look at Hope County. It’s over eight minutes long, and is entirely new.

Here’s how Ubisoft describes the footage:

Watch new never before seen gameplay footage of Far Cry 5 as our developers take you deeper into the world of Hope County, game features, toys, and of course, Boomer!

Check out the new Far Cry 5 gameplay footage below:

For more on Far Cry 5, check out our E3 2017 hands-on preview:

Freeing the townfolk led to a new character offering a mission, which put me in the pilot’s seat of a plane myself. Taking off from the water was easy enough, and controlling the plane felt fairly intuitive while maintaining a level of realism and difficulty. It’s a difficult balance to make first person flight feel good, allowing player freedom to control the plane, but not making it so touchy and simulation-like that it becomes an impossible task. Machine guns, missiles, and even dropped bombs became the key weapons for taking out targets on the ground and eventually engaging in a dogfight against another plane, which again provided a satisfying level of difficulty while never growing too frustrating.

The rest of the demo’s open world area was filled with exactly the things you would expect from a Far Cry game. Hunting, fishing, gathering supplies for crafting, running over bad dudes with a truck; all of these elements are clearly there. Far Cry has always been a great franchise and Ubisoft is pushing the envelope to bring a whole new level of detail to the living world in Far Cry 5. Who would have thought that I could feel so isolated in a setting so close to home?

Far Cry 5 releases on February 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.