Check Out Some Far Cry 5 Arcade Gameplay and Screenshots

Far Cry 5 is set to have a multiplayer mode and map editor, just like each of its predecessors. Ubisoft allowed us to get a brief look at Far Cry Arcade at the preview event held a couple weeks ago, and you can look at some of the gameplay footage we captured above. They also provided us with a few screenshots showing some of the possibilities in the Far Cry 5 arcade map editor, including assets from prior Far Cry games and other titles in Ubisoft’s library. You can take a look at those screenshots in the gallery below. If you want even more on Far Cry Arcade, you can read our impressions from the preview event. We also recently reviewed the Inside Eden’s Gate Far Cry 5 short film that was released yesterday.

A ton of new information was revealed about Far Cry 5 last week, including cult vignettes of Joseph Seed’s family. You can check out some co-op gameplay undertaking a mission for Hurk Sr., father of Far Cry’s famous Hurk Drubman. We’ll get to meet Hurk’s entire family this go around. If you love Boomer the dog and want more Far Cry 5 animals, we’ve got gameplay video of rescuing and recruiting CheeseburgerFar Cry 5’s lovable bear ally that will give Boomer a run for his money.

We also got a look at some of the Far Cry 5 character customization options, something new to the Far Cry series. This video shows different clothing options that will be available for your character, so that you can look your best when playing co-op. Psychedelic drug trip missions make a return in Far Cry 5, and we’ve got a brief video looking at one. it was also revealed that Far Cry 5 will feature microtransactions, but that loot boxes will not make an appearance.

Far Cry 5 releases on March 27.