Watchers Were the Most Abused, Bow Was Most Used, and Other Year One Horizon Zero Dawn Stats

Horizon Zero Dawn just turned one-year old and reached a milestone of more than 7 million copies sold. In addition to giving players a free PS4 theme and avatars, the developers at Guerrilla Games have offered an interesting look into some of the numbers that shaped the first year of the game’s release. These are the most interesting takeaways from the year one Horizon Zero Dawn stats.

It’s probably no surprise that Watchers were the most killed enemy in the game. They are the most prevalent machine in the world, and a solid shot to the main lens with a powerful weapon can pretty much take them out in a single hit. What’s surprising is that it wasn’t even a close second. 1.8 billion Watchers were killed in the last year, with second place tallying up to 628 million.

Watchers didn’t tend to kill a lot of players either, though their annoying nature was probably the cause of many players’ deaths at the hands of other machines. The Sawtooth took the crown there, with the Thuderjaw following closely behind. Bellowbacks also created some difficulty for players with their explosive area of effect type attacks.

The bow was far and away the most fired weapon with 359.5 million arrows shot, seeing nearly six times the number of ammo used as slings, which came in second place. The Icerail failed to even crack one million shots fired, but given its exclusivity to The Frozen Wilds expansion, it makes sense that there as barely any competition.

You can check out all of the Horizon Zero Dawn stats from the first year below.

As Horizon crested the one year mark, the studio talked about some cut content from the game and the development process. They also talked about how the music in the game was created. If you’re a Monster Hunter: World player, there is currently a limited time quest to play earn unique armor so that you can play as Aloy, the main character from Horizon Zero Dawn. Better hurry though! The limited time event ends soon.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]