Far Cry 5’s Campaign is Playable Offline, New Live Action Trailer Released

If you’re not a fan of games that require an internet connection to play solo, then here’s some good news: Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 5‘s entire campaign is playable offline.

The studio revealed this information to GameSpot during a recent interview, in which it also discussed the game’s microtransactions. As we recently reported, these microtransactions will be akin to the Time Saver Packs that Ubisoft has previously offered. In other words, you can unlock the items by playing the game but if you’re not interested in grinding, you can simply purchase them. According to GameSpot, only cosmetic items will be available for purchase and they won’t have any impact on gameplay.

“We’ve set the game up to be generous,” said Executive Producer Dan Hay. “We’ve set the game up so nothing is locked away. You can go out and explore, and the game will reward you for your exploration.”

Microtransactions will be available in both solo and multiplayer modes.

Ubisoft has also released a new live action trailer for the game, which you can check out above. “Watch the Father keep his flock on the right path, and the rest of Hope County too,” reads a description for The Sermon. “After all, when it’s about saving souls, the end eventually justifies the means.”

Far Cry 5 will release on March 27.

[Source: GameSpot]