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Insomniac Addresses Concerns About Spider-Man’s QTEs and Frame Rate

As more details about Insomniac’s Spider-Man trickle out, fans have been taking to Twitter to quiz the developer about certain aspects of the game including quick time events, frame rate, recently announced preorder bonuses, and more.

Quite a few users have expressed concerns about QTEs in the game, prompting the developer to reiterate that they’re used sparingly, particularly during cinematic set pieces. In response to a tweet, Insomniac wrote:

Another user took issue with the game’s frame rate, to which the studio noted that it has to consider both fidelity and performance.

As far as preorder bonuses are concerned, Insomniac said that The City That Never Sleeps will be available for purchase separately whereas the rest of the content (except avatar and theme) can be unlocked using in-game resources.

Last but not least, while the developers didn’t confirm an exact download size, they did say that Spider-Man will be pretty “big,” which is hardly surprising.

Spider-Man will release on September 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4.