spider-man photo mode

Spider-Man PS4 Aims to ‘Beat’ God of War’s Photo Mode

Having a photo mode is pretty much part and parcel of any AAA video game these days, and Spider-Man is no different. However, Insomniac are teasing a little healthy rivalry when it comes to topping their competitors with the snap-happy side content. They’ve even got a certain Ghost of Sparta in their sights (or should that be lens?).

While shooting the you-know-what on a Twitch stream, the developers opened up about the game’s photo mode (head to 43:30 for the exact moment, webhead fans but, honestly, the whole stream is a treasure trove of new reveals) and how they will answer questions about it in detail ‘at a later time.’ They did, however, offer up a little snippet as to how things were going.

‘Every Sony first-party game has to up the other one,’ joke Insomniac, with a nod towards the boom in photo mode’s popularity stemming from Horizon Zero Dawn andlatterly, God of War. ‘So we’ve got to beat God of War now… It’s like a big, weird contest.’

Whether Spider-Man will actually one-up the competition remains to be seen, but I wouldn’t put it past them pulling out all the stops to serve up the best-looking photo mode around. After all, taking photos is as in Peter Parker’s DNA as much as that radioactive spider.