The Road to Battlefield V is Paved with Free Stuff

EA and DICE are planning a bit of an initiative, and they’re calling it the Road to Battlefield V. Essentially, the companies are rolling out content between now and the new November 20, 2018 launch date of Battlefield V and considering it all, previously announced or otherwise, all part of the happy, fun trail leading to the game’s final launch. This was previously laid out back when the original launch date was October 19, but since plans have changed, the goodies have changed as well. This includes the upcoming open beta test of course, along with free stuff, including the entire Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

First off, a reminder of the open beta dates, including the early access afforded to those who have already preordered:


September 4, 1 am PT (10 am CET)


September 6, 1 am PT (10 am CET)


September 11, 7 am PT (4 pm CET)

Once the open beta is wrapped up, that’s when the Battlefield 1 floodgates open. The premium pass will be free from then until September 18, granting every player access to all four expansions. This comprises 16 maps, 20 weapons, new modes, and a lot more.

If that’s not enough, there are also giveaways and other community events planned for Battlefield fans. Some of them will even be weapon skins and dog tags handed out for playing previous games in the series on certain days.

It’s all broken down on the announcement page, where you can access the message boards and the calendar for all the specifics.

[Source: Battlefield Official Website]