Beware, The Quadcrusher Is Coming to Fortnite

The world of Fortnite is always looking ahead. Even though the 6.02 update just launched, there is already something new revving up its engines. The Fortnite news bulletin has revealed a new vehicle, the Quadcrusher, is coming to the battle royale game. And it looks like it’s going to cause some mayhem.

“Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!” the official description reads. Based off of that, it certainly seems like the main goal with the Quadcrusher is to destroy everything in its path. If you see one in the distance, you best be on the run.

The last Fortnite update saw the introduction of the Quad Launcher, a rocket launcher with the ability to shoot up to four rockets. The weapon is also designed to destroy player-built structures. Those structures have had it rough lately, huh? We will likely see the Quadcrusher join Fortnite as part of the 6.03 update, and then we will see its true destructive capabilities.

The 6.02 update saw the introduction of a new Limited Time mode, Disco Domination. As its name implies, dancing is the name of the game. During this Fortnite season, Halloween is in the air. A batch of spooky skins has been released, and a fan-favorite was raised from the dead. However, Winter is looming, and the Deep Freeze Bundle is coming to prepare you for the chill.

[Source: GameSpot]