Rico Brings the Thunder in Just Cause 4’s ‘Eye of the Storm’ Trailer

Avalanche and Square Enix have unleashed yet another action-packed Just Cause 4 trailer. Its title, “Eye of the Storm,” makes perfect sense by the time you reach the end of the video.

Take a look at Rico Rodriguez literally grappling his way into the eye of a hurricane below:

While the franchise’s zaniness certainly sits center stage, the story gets some love in this new trailer too. We see Gabriela Morales, the villain, plotting to bring Rico to his knees. There are also hints of how things will unfurl for Rico, as he searches for answers about his father and works to protect the country of Solís.

The video description for the “Eye of the Storm” trailer offers the following Just Cause 4 teaser:

Just Cause 4 introduces a new adrenaline-fuelled chapter for rogue agent Rico Rodriguez. After Rico lands in Solís to uncover the truth behind his father’s death, he will be fighting the ruthless Black Hand militia in extreme conditions; led by the ruthless Gabriela, this is Rico’s ultimate challenge. A storm is approaching—Are you ready to bring the thunder?

Our recent preview of the newest Just Cause entry praised the explosive gameplay experience as an “eventful,” good time. On the heels of Red Dead Redemption 2, can Avalanche’s desire of having Just Cause 4 feature the best sandbox in gaming come to fruition? Fans can judge for themselves soon enough.

Catch up on Rico Rodriquez’ latest adventure when Just Cause 4 launches for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on December 4, 2018.