Rockstar May Debut a New Mode for Red Dead Online Called Gun Rush

After a rocky start primarily due to a worrisome in-game economy, Red Dead Online’s beta seems to be taking a turn for the better with game-altering updates. Other changes may be coming to the experience, too, particularly in the form of a new mode. A Reddit user recently stumbled across something called “Gun Rush” in the beta’s menu, leading fans to speculate Red Dead Online will soon receive a mode akin to GTA Online’s Kill Quota.

Redditor donajello1 said that while preparing to join a Showdown Series in Red Dead Online, they stumbled across two additional options. The two options, “Gun Rush” and “Gun Rush Teams,” appear in the screenshot of Red Dead Online’s player menu pictured below:

red dead online mode

According to donajello1, button prompts for “Gun Rush” and “Gun Rush Teams” were only visible in the player menu for a brief moment. In their Reddit post, donajello1 pondered whether the new mode would receive Red Dead Online integration in the update slated to launch this week.

Replies to the Reddit post continued to speculate, mentioning GTA Online’s Kill Quota mode. One commenter called attention to the small icons next to the titles of the game mode. Based on Gun Rush’s icon, wherein hand(s) reach for a gun, fans believe the mode may have players spawn without weapons. If so, players are likely to pick up progressively stronger weapons as matches in Gun Rush proceed. Kill Quota in GTA Online features a similar premise, having players begin with stronger weaponry and progressively find less potent equipment. For instance, one loadout in Kill Quota may see a player spawn with RPGs at their disposal; by match’s end, only machetes are available.

Rockstar plans to launch a new Red Dead Online update sometime this week. Whether or not it features Gun Rush remains to be seen.

[Source: Reddit via VG247]