Here’s When Final Fantasty XIV’s Stormblood Storyline Concludes

When one storyline ends, another one begins. So is the tale of Final Fantasy XIV’s 4.5 update, known as A Requiem of Heroes. The thrilling conclusion to the Stormblood saga that started in 2017, it also has the job of setting the stage for Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion, ShadowbringersWhile we knew the update would come in January 2019, we now have official confirmation that it goes live on January 8, 2019!

A Requiem for Heroes is actually a two-part patch, and the second part launches sometime the following March. An all-new trailer gave an overview of the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV story, which you can see here:

Of course, the big news here is the addition of the Blue Mage as a job class. For anyone who’s played a Final Fantasy game before, the Blue Mage will no doubt be familiar territory. A job class previously adorned by iconic heroes like Quina Quen and Kimarhi Ronso, these magic-users have the ability to take on the abilities of the enemies they face. However, the Blue Mage actually won’t be available when the 4.5 update launches, and will debut a week after the patch.

The Blue Mage is unique in the fact that it’s a “Limited Job,” a first for Final Fantasy XIV. A job class designed for solo players, the Blue Mage also comes with its own unique set of quests, “The Masked Carnivale,” once players reach level 50. The Blue Mage is available for anyone who reaches level 50 with any Discipline of War or Magic class and completes the main storyline.

There’s more to the update than the Blue Mage, however. Here are some other features you can find in A Requiem for Heroes:

  • New Main Scenario Quests – The first half of the thrilling climax to the Stormblood storyline.

  • New Trial – Confront Seiryu in both normal and extreme difficulties in the last chapter of the Four Lords’ quest line.

  • New Instanced Dungeon – The Ghimlyt Dark

  • Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid Dungeon – The Orbonne Monastery

  • New Custom Deliveries – Crafter and Gatherer-focused questlines

  • Gold Saucer Update – New GATE, “Air Force One”; New minigame, “Doman Mahjong”

  • New Minions, Hairstyles, Emotes, and Mounts

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC.