Anthem Plans to Stop Crashing Soon

Freelancers will soon be able to take on missions without having to worry about crashing, as BioWare has found a fix for the issues plaguing Anthem. A new patch will be released on March 12, 2019 that will resolve the power-down issues players have experienced.

The Anthem problem has been a big deal for PS4 owners. Some even claimed it bricked their systems, and refunds of the game were reportedly being given by Sony due to Anthem‘s technical errors. According to BioWare, the company has not received any reports of the game bricking systems, despite the hysteria on social media.

Next week’s update will also fix other bugs. Other aspects of the patch were announced during BioWare’s livestream. One remedy will involve the Level 1 Defender rifle, which has been causing way too much damage for a low level weapon. Common and uncommon loot will no longer show up for Grandmaster players, masterwork weapons will be buffed, random and quick play Strongholds are returning, and respawns will only take 30 seconds.  You will also be able to start an expedition from any point around Fort Tarsis, rather than having to go to your Javelin every single time.

Anthem, since it released last month, has failed to impress people. It has received a poor reception from the community, with some saying part of the problem is an uninspiring narrative from the video game masters of storytelling and a repetitive gameplay loop that feels similar to games that came before it. During its first week of sales in the U.K., the game sold around half as many copies as Mass Effect: Andromeda did. Blake Grundman wrote in his review for Anthem, “As much as I personally wanted Anthem to be a runaway success, it ends up delivering an inconsistent experience that constantly waivers between mediocre and excellent.”

However, BioWare has laid out a three-month roadmap for the game, complete with guilds, new freeplay events, cosmetics, and a new stronghold.

[Source: VG 24/7]