Bring Precision to the Basketball Court With an Official SCUF Vantage NBA2KL PS4 Controller

SCUF is known for producing high-quality, performance-focused controllers for competitors in the gaming community.  Most notably, such attention to detail is reserved for shooters. However, SCUF has recently taken steps to mix things up a bit. For the NBA 2K League, a professional eSports league, the manufacturer has developed a Vantage controller, which includes 15 unique features that are said to give players an edge on the court. The SCUF Vantage NBA2KL controller for PlayStation 4 is currently available for purchase at the price of $229.95.

Duncan Ironmonger, Founder and CEO of SCUF Gaming, issued the following statement in a press release:

Since our inception, SCUF has always been a believer and supporter of esports. In 2011, we created a new market segment for what is now known as performance controllers, to equip players with the high-performance gear needed to improve their game. Our partnership with the NBA 2K League and the release of the SCUF Vantage NBA2KL continues that legacy. Now, fans can get in on the action and support the league.

According to NBA 2K League competitor Adam “Adamthe1st” Kudeimati of Knicks Gaming, SCUF controllers have been a boon to his style of play in the past. Notably, these controllers are beneficial for both defensive and offensive precision. Kudeimati said of SCUF controllers, “especially helpful are the controller paddles, offering quicker alternatives for stealing the ball and switching in between defensive sets.”

For a closer look at the controller itself, check out a few images in the gallery below:

All of the bells and whistles players have come to know and appreciate from SCUF hardware are featured in the officially licensed NBA2KL controller. This includes the quick access remapping switch, swappable D-pads, and much more. The full list of 15 unique features are noted below:

  • SCUF Paddle Control System
  • 3-in-1 Trigger Control System
  • Sax Buttons
  • Removable Faceplate
  • Removable Vibration Modules
  • Mechanical Bumpers
  • Swappable D-Pad & Control Disc
  • Grip Handles
  • Quick Access Remapping
  • Audio Touch Bar
  • Wired to Wireless Switch (Wireless/Wired version only)
  • 2x Silver Short Trigger Covers
  • 2x Black Regular Concave SCUF Thumbsticks
  • 2x White Rings
  • Cable Retention System

In addition, the packaging in which the controller comes in includes the following:

  • SCUF Vantage Controller
  • NBA2KL Interchangeable Faceplate
  • 10 foot High-Speed Braided micro-USB Cable
  • SCUF Key 0.9mm
  • Protection Case (Wireless/Wired version only)
  • 1x Black SCUF Control Disc
  • 2x Black Long Domed Thumbsticks
  • 2x Black Long Trigger Covers
  • 2x Black Anti-friction Rings
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Product Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Product Guide

Players who own the SCUF Vantage PlayStation controller, which hit store shelves in Summer 2018, should find the newest device familiar. It, too, emphasized performance, a notion reflected in its hefty asking price.

[Source: SCUF Gaming via Business Wire]