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Call of Duty Social Media Accounts Go Dark Ahead of Alleged Modern Warfare Reveal

A reveal for the next Call of Duty game, which is rumored to be a “soft” reboot of the 2007 title Modern Warfare, could be coming in the next few days. As of the morning of May 28, 2019, the official accounts for Call of Duty on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram have all “gone dark,” for lack of a better term. The header has been changed to a solid black image and it appears that the Call of Duty logo has been altered slightly across each of these platforms. The profile description for each of these simply reads “Going Dark.”

The social media accounts have not posted anything since, likely to keep in line with the “going dark” theme. Perhaps the next thing we’ll see from Call of Duty will come when Activision is ready to shed some light on this year’s game.

Call of Duty Going Dark
Screenshot of the official Call of Duty Twitter account, as of May 28.

Interestingly, the Twitter account for Infinity Ward (developers on the next Call of Duty entry) has not gone dark in solidarity with Call of Duty‘s official accounts. I would bet we’ll see it updated after the announcement of the game.

This news follows unconfirmed rumors that this year’s Call of Duty will not only have the Modern Warfare title, but will be a “soft reboot” of this line of games. The rumors began gaining steam after YouTuber LongSensation revealed that he had details about the game, including the supposed Modern Warfare title (not Modern Warfare 4). Kotaku’s Jason Schreier responded to LongSensation’s claim in a tweet by saying “I can confirm this is true.” There are also reports that the upcoming Call of Duty game was shown to a group of college football players in late April.

These rumors all seem to paint a pretty sure picture that the next Call of Duty game could be a part of the Modern Warfare series. Let us know if you believe all this speculation will turn out to be true, and if you think a reveal really will be coming in the next week. Until we know more, be sure to read the four things we’d like to see if the next Call of Duty game turns out to be an entry in the Modern Warfare line.

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