French Museum to Host Replica of Detroit: Become Human’s CyberLife Store

The androids of Detroit: Become Human will soon be immortalized in an exhibit in Paris, France’s Musée Grévin. In the museum space dedicated to the title’s CyberLife store, Kara (Valorie Curry) and Connor (Bryan Deckhart), the android sent by CyberLife, will be on display as wax figures. This exhibit will open on June 28, 2019 and span a total of 75 square meters, which is roughly 800 square feet.

According to French website, Gamekult, the coming exhibit is being described as one that intends to offer “an interactive and immersive scenography [that] will guide the visitor in the shop to help him choose the most suitable Android for [their] needs.”

David Cage, Quantic Dream founder and Detroit: Become Human writer, gave a statement regarding the museum exhibit, expressing his joy at games being recognized by other mediums. Cage’s words are featured below, loosely translated from French to English courtesy of Google:

Quantic Dream has always defended the idea that video games are a form of culture in their own right. [To] see today our character and the themes addressed by Detroit: Become Human enter a museum as prestigious as Grévin is a great recognition for our media.

This is an especially notable feat, given the Grévin’s history with video game characters. As one of Europe’s oldest wax museums, the Musée Grévin typically immortalizes real-life figures, such as celebrities and other people of historical import. However, the museum occasionally allows its reserved wax to be used for the molding of fictional characters. Not since the creation of a Lara Croft statue in 1999 has a game character been given such treatment, meaning the latest Quantic Dream title now sits among an exclusive class of art history in France.

Detroit: Become Human is available now on the PlayStation 4. The title is slated to hit PC through the Epic Games Store this fall.

[Source: Gamekult]