Prime 1 Studio’s Glorious God of War Baldur Statue Costs More Than $1,000

In May, Japanese manufacturer Prime 1 Studio unveiled two stunningly detailed God of War figurines. One features Kratos and Atreus, while the other showcases Baldur. Now a few more bits of information about the statues have come to light. Specifically, the Baldur figure has a price and release window. Given Prime 1 Studio’s track record for high-end merchandise, it should come as no surprise that the Baldur statue will cost a whopping $1,200. It’s expected to ship between July 2020 and November 2020. At present, details of this nature concerning the Kratos and Atreus figure remain under wraps, though preorders are coming soon.

Named Baldur & Broods, this statue will release with two different iterations, both of which run for the price noted above. The standard version will feature only the statue itself. Meanwhile, the EX version is to launch with a God of War logo stand. The EX edition will be limited, though, as Prime 1 Studio will only produce 500 of them. Preorders for both the standard edition and EX version are available now on the company’s website.

Prime 1 Studio’s Baldur & Broods figure stands approximately 24.5 inches in height. The manufacture’s website confirms that this does indeed count as a companion display for its Kratos and Atreus figurine. Both statues were designed to sit side by side, painting the perfect picture of an ensuing battle at standstill.

For a closer look at the Baldur & Broods statue, check out images of it featured in the gallery below:

God of War is not the only PlayStation 4 exclusive with high-end statues from Prime 1 Studio on the way. Merchandise for Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn will also be produced by the manufacturer. However, details are incredibly scarce. In fact, there’s not even news on what the merchandise will feature, though it stands to reason at least Aloy will be depicted in some manner.

[Source: Prime 1 Studio via Game Informer]

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