McFarlane Toys Unveils DOOM and Mortal Kombat 11 Figures at SDCC 2019

Earlier this year, toy manufacturer McFarlane Toys announced it had acquired the Mortal Kombat license. McFarlane soon thereafter proved it was already putting its acquisition to work, previewing Scorpion and Sub-Zero figures at New York Toy Fair 2019. Now there’s even more to show for the company’s efforts, as McFarlane is showing off the finished action figures at San Diego Comic-Con, in addition to a figurine of DOOM’s Doom Slayer.

The Diamond Previews booth currently features the figures from both franchises on display on the SDCC 2019 show floor. Toyark visited the booth to snap a few photos of McFarlane Toys’ Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Doom Slayer figurines. Check out the pictures from Toyark featured in the gallery down below:

At the time of writing, McFarlane has yet to offer information concerning other key details. For example, the price of each figure and their dimensions remain unknown. More details are bound to surface soon, however, as the figurines are set to release sometime this coming October.

While waiting for pricing and preorder details for the figures above, there are others that consumers may want to keep their eye one. Prime 1 Studio recently opened preorders for its God of War Baldur figure, which will begin shipping between July 2020 and November 2020. It is a pricey piece, though, costing a whopping $1,200. Prime 1 Studio will also release a companions, featuring both Kratos and Atreus. There is currently know word on when it will launch, though preorders are supposed to launch in the near future.

The latest Mortal Kombat entry, MK11, is currently in stores for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. Fans can step into the shoes of the Doom Slayer once more when DOOM Eternal launches later this year for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on November 22nd.

[Source: Toyark via Bloody Disgusting]